Decenter is the latest video on exhibit in External Space, the exhibition space we host for Xpace Cultural Centre. Created by OCADU student Sona Safaei, Decenter is a short video that plays with the TV news format.

still shot from video 'Decenter' shows professionally-dressed woman seated at a table in front of a greenscreen with a news ticker running along the bottom that reads 'Channel 2' and 'Seychelles, Suriname, Svalvard, Togo

Decenter is the fourth piece in an ongoing series curated by Jennifer Simaitis, graduate of OCADU’s Criticism and Curatorial Practice program. Here’s an excerpt from Simaitis’ write-up:

Decenter explores the extensive expansion of twenty-four-hour news culture and the cycles of stories, which no matter how unconnected, extreme or invalid, are delivered with the same cold bravado. The video loops, and although it is under a minute in length, it appears endless, hypnotising the viewer to envision and insert their own current event into the green screen backdrop.

Decenter is actually part of a larger project that Safei has been exhibiting internationally since last year. (You can learn more about it on Safei’s website.) Sound interesting? Yes, it does, so come on down and watch! Decenter will be on exhibit in the Learning Zone until March 21 — don’t miss it!

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