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Encountering Diverse Communities

Encountering Diverse Communities artivism collage work, created by Pam Patterson’s Art & Design Education Lab Advanced Class of Summer 2013, is presently on exhibition at the Learning Zone.

These collages reflect the students’ experiential response to their placement within a cultural institution involving OCAD U learning partners – AGO, Regent Park Community Centre, Clinton Street Junior Public School and Gilda’s Club, exploring themes of dignity/respect, hope, understanding, and change.

“The following collages incorporate themes which were essential to facilitating a healthy and constructive learning/social environment” — CROS 4B02 Art and Design Education Lab

Contributors to the artivism collage work: Astha Bhatia; Jasmine Buckingham; Hudson Christie; Megan d’Angelo; William Hollingshead; Nazil Nahidi; Hareen Qureshy; Julia Sardinha; Natascha Shena; Angelina Stoikova; Cassidy Tam; Pam Patterson; Peter Rahul.




06 2013

New Summer Hours at the LZ


06 2013

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