New growth by grOCAD at the Learning Zone


The grOCAD team has been actively gardening at the Windowfarm garden installed in the Learning Zone at 113 McCaul Street. After the successful harvest of basil last summer, grOCAD will be experimenting with a diverse collection of seeds over the fall and winter.


This DIY project is a year-round hydroponic vertical garden allowing the grOCAD community to grow herbs and vegetables using natural window light, organic based plant food, and a water based watering system. The growing containers are made out of recycled plastic bottles, and use clay pellets to support the plants.

Che Chi Liu, one of the members of grOCAD has been collecting and harvesting dried flowers and vegetable seeds from pea shoots, radish, spinach, chives, nasturtium and mystery flowers, germinating these seeds in rockwool cubes.

The windowfarm was first installed in the LZ spring 2012 and we are excited to see the continuing development of the windowfarm project.

Visit grOCAD to discover more about their community.

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11 2013

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