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Food=Need_posterMarch marks the second sustainability month at OCADU, and leading up to the month of activities acknowledging student sustainability projects and engagement, the Learning Zone is holding an exhibit looking at food availability and sustainability.

The Food=Need Exhibit — on display from February 18 to March 5 — is a multimedia installation featuring poster designs and booklets from the students in Audrey Hudson’s Think Tank courses. The creative responses from the Think Tank courses address food availability, food access and food use around the subjects of food co-ops, gardening, nutrition, schools & food, labelling food, art/design food activism, narratives of food, and community development projects. The Video work from Pam Patterson’s Life Studies course address sustainability and food insecurity in and through diverse populations and people.

food=need poster 2

On March 5th, the closing night of the exhibit, there will be a screening of the short documentary film Food=Need (based on the Food=Need community performance art event curated by WIA projects in the Fall of 2013), a panel discussion on the politics of food insecurity and the value of creating sustainable food-linked projects, and a silkscreening workshop lead by OCADU IAMD graduate student and Just Seeds Collective member Mary “Mack” Tremonte.

The exhibit was put together by an organizing committee made up of Marta Chudolinska, Audrey Hudson, Chechi Liu, Paul Moleiro, Takako Namura, Pam Patterson, Hareem Qureshy, Leena Raudvee & Mary Tremonte.

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