OCAD Seed Library located in the Learning Zone

June saw the launch of the OCAD Seed Library, an official branch of the Toronto Seed Library hosted in the Learning Zone.

The Toronto Seed Library (TSL) started their roots November 2012 by the Occupy Gardens of Toronto Collective and students from the University of Toronto and York University. The TSL has grown into a strong cooperative made up of a diverse membership creating a free, self-perpetuating seed library system. To learn more about the Toronto Seed Library please visit their website but to quickly get you started, visit the OCAD Seed Library today to borrow seeds, plant, harvest, and replenish the library.


How to access the OCAD Seed Library? The OCAD Seed Library is available to the OCAD U community with no cost or membership required — it’s an honour-based system. There is no limitations on how many seed packages you can borrow in one day or season, but remember that the seed library is a shared public resource, so take only what you will use this season.

OCAD Seed Library

We encourage the borrowers of the OCAD Seed Library to save some of their new seeds from this season. Check the TSL website for guidance on saving seeds. If you are a beginner gardener, focus on saving seeds from varieties that are easily saved such as lettuce, peas, beans and tomatoes. Seed saving is an important practice in sustainable farming, it builds a stronger future for the community — keeps costs down, improves the yearly production/preservation of healthy produce, offers diversity and food security. Unfortunately, seed saving practice is in jeopardy! The Canadian Government will be bringing forth Bill C-18, the Agriculture Growth Act August 1, 2014. Visit the National Farmers Union website and read how you can STOP Bill C-18.

Looking for gardening inspiration to help get you started? Visit OCAD U’s Dorothy H. Hoover Library, which carries a great selection of gardening resources that would appeal to any green thumb. Here are a few titles:

Incredible Edibles: 43 Fun Things to Grow in the City by Sonia Day

Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing by Lorraine Johnson

How To Grow Food: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing All Kinds of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Salads and More by Richard Gianfrancesco

On Guerrilla Gardening by Richard Reynolds

Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables by Toby Musgrave

Also, available in the OCAD Zine Library is a copy of The Seedy Zine published by the Toronto Seed Library.


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