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Call for Submissions: Black Future Month 3015

Black Future Month; Call for submissions January 31, 2015; 3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition 3015

In celebration of Black History Month, OCAD U will be installing an exhibition called Black Future Month the 3rd Annual AfroFuturism Exhibition 3015.

Sponsored by OCAD University Office of Diversity, Equity & Sustainability Initiatives, and curated by Toronto based artist and OCAD graduate Danilo McCallum, also the founder of Black Future Month. This group exhibition envisions the future of Black people.

A call for submissions for works in all mediums—paintings, photography, digital/graphic arts, architecture, poetry, audio or video works – it’s open! Hurry, space is limited and the submission deadline of January 31st is fast approaching.

Black Future Month, call for submissions, January 31, 2015;3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition 3015

The Black Future Month 3015 Exhibition is a platform for artists who identify as black to explore the infinite expressions of Afrofuturism and other expansive themes like black identity and existence in the future

Submission deadline: January 31st, email your submission to:



01 2015

xpace: External Space: A Proposal for Ontario Place by Ryan Ferko

Ryan Ferko, video and installation artist; Toronto based


Toronto based artist Ryan Ferko video A Proposal for Ontario Place was a response to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s request for proposals to architects for the revitalization of Ontario Place (RFP).

Ferko’s art practice includes video, installation, performance and site-specific intervention, rooted in his explorations of history of architecture and it’s significant impact on urban development.

In the video A Proposal for Ontario Place, Ferko documents his process of composing his painting as a painter in their studio, not using the conventional paintbrush, but instead a forklift and jerry-rigged paintbrush attached to an overhead crane. Paint from tubes are dragged and smeared across a large detailed pencil drawing. Ferko controls the movement of the jerry-rigged brush using a remote control to maneuver the overhead crane.

Ferko’s proposal draws attention to the original intention and purpose of Ontario Place theme park when built in 1971, which was to revitalize Toronto’s waterfront, and to create a friendly, appealing space, but this sentiment did not transcend through time and now the theme looks dated and no longer appealing.

Ferko’s proposal to RFP, replicates the failure of creating a futuristic space through his video and attached painting that was sent as a response to the RFP.

 The failure of Ferko’s proposal to actually suggest a use for the site is embedded in its creation. At the same time, it also considers the history of the site itself as a failure.”    Amber Landgraff

Ryan Ferko, A Proposal for Ontario Place


Ryan Ferko is a recent graduate of OCAD University Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design. He has exhibited across Toronto and Europe as well as published by the Journal of Architecture in Canada.

Visit the Learning Zone to view A Proposal for Ontario Place until February 17th

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01 2015

IT Salons — Software Tutoring and Troubleshooting

A reimagined version of last semester’s IT Salons will be launching in the Learning Zone today — Tuesday, January 13 — and running every Tuesday until February 10.

IT Salon Jan - Feb 2015sm

Instead of running open tutorials on specific software, IT’s Andrew McAllister will be on hand to help students with individual questions or problems. Need a hand with Illustrator? Can’t figure out why your computer is so slow? IT Salons are your chance to get one-on-one attention from an tech professional.

Come by between 1 and 2pm every Tuesday to get help with your computer confusions.

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01 2015

Faculty of Art Majors Info Fair – January 15th

Faculty of Art Info Fair, Learning Zone January 15, 4-6pm

Hey GART students, Faculty of Art – Major Program Request Form due dates is fast approaching, January 29 & February 6—offering many creative programs to pick from. Do you have questions or in need for some advice? Come to the INFO FAIR at the Leaning Zone January 15, 4pm – 6pm, featuring a special presentation by Kelly Dickinson, Manager of Student Advising. Get a jump start to your future at OCAD U.

Info Fair at the Learning Zone January 15th, 4pm-6pm


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