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Black History Month at OCAD U: Books and Zines Display + Black Future Month 3015

Black History Month Canada, Library display 2015

What’s happening at OCAD U for Black History Month?

Books, zines on display at OCAD U’s Dorothy H. Hoover Library and OCAD Zine Library located in Library Services Learning Zone and the 3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition – 3015.

OCAD U’s Library brings forth a collection of books for fascinating and thought provoking reads exploring the African and Carribean diaspora in Canada—discovering the past and present history of racism, civil rights movement in small Canadian towns, recovered CBC lectures including Martin Luther King Jr., and stories from personal experiences of being black in Canada. To learn more about these books and others in the Black History Month: A Canadian Perspective display, visit:

Black History Month, OCAD Zine Library display

OCAD Zine Library Black History Month display features a collection of zines including autobiographical comics, war and racism, Butch Dykes during the Jazz Age of Harlem, queer politics, the discourse of hair by Canadian women of colour—personal, reflective and engaging zines to discover and enjoy.

Black Future Month 3015

The 3rd Annual Afrofuturism Exhibition – 3015 curated by OCAD U alumnus Danilo McCallum. A multi-media art exhibition featuring works from OCAD U faculty and students as well as international and local artists who identify as black.

Opening reception will take place February 22nd, 6- 10 pm in the main lobby of 100 McCaul St. The celebration continues February 27th with Afrofuturism Discussion Panel & Performance, held in the Auditorium, Rm. 230,  5 – 6:30 pm., followed by a informal reception. Panel discussion ‘Women in Afrofuturism’ will be moderated by Camille Issacs featuring Camille Turner, Futuristic Artist and Author, Asia Clarke, Innovative Fashion & Jeweller, Saidah Baba Talibah, Avantgarde Music Artist and Nalo Hopskinson, Futuristic Author via Skype from California. Performance Art by Faduma Mohamed Ohm and Sharrae Lyon.

February 22 until March 6 in the Lobby and 2nd floor Transit Space at 100 McCaul St.



02 2015


How Are You, OCAD U?

The Research results are in! Dr. Pam Patterson’s 2014 Art and Design Education Lab (ADEL) student led initiative, How Are You, OCAD U? have been gathered and are now being exhibited across campus and at Library Services Learning Zone.

In 2014, students, faculty, staff and alumni were invited by ADEL to contribute and share their thoughts anonymously or not, about their teaching and learning experience and community inclusiveness at OCAD University.

Data collected from How Are You, OCAD U installation from the Library services Learning Zone, online surveys and anonymous video interviews are exhibited in a series of text-based “tongue-in-cheek” posters, data visualization zines and the screening of the anonymous video interviews.

How Are You, OCAD U?

Visit the Learning Zone to read, watch, and learn from this research project presentation, which aims to move us towards building a stronger, more diverse art practice and community for students and faculty.




02 2015

Come and Celebrate Learning Zone’s 5th Anniversary & the Launch of ReUse Depot February 3rd

LZ celebrates 5th anniversary with the launch of ReUse Depot, February 3, 2015The Learning Zone invites you to join us February 3rd to celebrate our 5th Anniversary with the exciting launch of the ReUse Depot, a new permanent art and design material swap space.

One artist’s trash is another designer’s treasure has been the guiding foundation behind a series of successful events held at OCAD U over the past several years—Materials Trading Post, the Green Exchange and OCAD U Recycles.

The ReUse Depot is an important and great opportunity for artists and designers to up-cycle, re-purpose or reuse materials that can inspire, explore creativity, or reduce students financial burden while redirecting the material from landfill. It’s a location for donating used but usable art & design materials and/or finding used items that will be useful to your creative practice.

ReUse Depot is a collaborative partnership between these departments: the Indigenous Visual Culture program (INVC), the Library’s Learning Zone, the Office for Diversity, Equity & Sustainability (ODESI), Facilities Planning & Management and Student Management. The development of this project is also supported by the First Generations program, IT Services & AV Loans.

ReUse Depot, Tuesday February 3rd, 4:00 pm-7:00 pm at the Learning Zone

OCAD U Library’s Learning Zone is a studio-base library space that provides an experimental and collaborative workspace to members of the OCAD U community. In 5 years the Learning Zone has grown, and will continue to grow as a collaborative environment. Check out our gallery below as we share some of the highlights from past events with faculty, students and members of Toronto arts community.

Celebrate with us on Tuesday February 3rd—with fresh cooked and healthy treats from the Student Union’s Hot Lunch program, treats from the Student Union’s cafe and LZ birthday cake!

Learn more about the LZ  ReUse Depot and other recycling programs across the campus during Green Winter event, a month of sustainable programming organized by the Student Union.


02 2015

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