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GTI ColorMatcher Light Booth in the Learning Zone

GTI ColorMatcher

The Learning Zone is home to a few low-tech tools such as rulers, scissors or a light box but we also have a Color Matching System Booth.

It’s a great tool for matching or inspecting colours under multiple light sources—giving you accurate immediate feedback on how the same object is perceived under different lighting environments.

This ColorMatching Booth can also double as a tool for documenting your artwork. It has a sturdy work surface to place your work on, and diffuse lighting with controlled colour temperature light source.

You can use white or coloured seamless paper when documenting your artwork. All we ask is for you to use light-tack tape that will not leave residue on the unit.

Visit these resources to learn more about the ColorMatcher Booth or for further guidance on documenting your artwork:

GTI’s CMlite ColorMatching Systems

VAI Documenting Your Work

Emerging Artist Guide

cmlite: GTI Colourmatching System/Light Booth located in the Learning ZoneManufacturer Information

GTI Color Matcher Model CMB-2540

Viewing Area 25″ x 40″ x 25″ (H x W x D) 64 cm x 102 cm x 64 cm

Five light sources

Artificial daylight (D65, D75, or D50)

Store light (CWF or TL84)

Home light (Incandescent A)

Optional source (D50, TL84, TL83, Horizon, or LED)

Ultraviolet light

Please ask for assistance to plug it in. To save power and reduce tripping hazards, we keep the unit unplugged.




02 2016

Lizz Aston: PATTERN / STUDY Exhibition

Swoop by Textile artist Lizz Aston; Pattern/Study Exhibition February 2016

Textile artist Lizz Aston’s Pattern / Study Exhibition curated by Tori Maas is on now at the Learning Zone.

Pattern / Study—a series of paper cutting designs digitally modified and hand-cut, combine technology with traditional materials and methods.

Aston’s hand-cut patterns originate from handmade objects, digitized then transcribed onto Japanese Kozo paper, which are individually hand dyed and formed into 3 dimensional sculptural paper installations.

Ex-Lace view 2 by Textile artist Lizz Aston; Pattern/Study Exhibition February 2016

Similar traditional and contemporary processes are employed in Aston’s series Antiquated Notions. Involving machine embroidery on layers of paper, then burning out the paper creating delicate and sculptural paper lace patterns.

Pattern/Study Exhibition;Optical Lace Repeat by Textile Artist Lizz Aston

Focuses on themes of knotting and interlacement, finding a middle ground between technology and tradition

Aston holds an Advanced Diploma in Crafts & Design from Sheridan College and completed a three-year artist residency in the Textile Studio at Harbourfront Centre. She is currently studying Industrial Design at OCAD University.

On until February 28th




02 2016

Honouring Black History Month @ OCAD Zine Library

Black History Month 2016, OCAD Zine Library display

OCAD Zine Library Black History Month display features a collection of insightful zines that educate, provoke, heal and challenge.

Black Fractals, the official 2016 Black History Month Program at OCAD University celebrates from February 3 to February 20, with exhibitions and events held in the Lobby of 100 McCaul Street and the Ada Slaight Gallery Space (Transit Space) including The Graduate Gallery at 205 Richmond Street West.

Four exhibitions are planned; Black Future Month 3016: 4th Annual Afrofuturism Art Exhibition, Pixelation Art Exhibition, Call & Response Conference and Piece of Mine Festival: Black Men in Theater.

Blast Off: Opening reception for Black Future Month 3016: 4th Annual Afrofuturism Art Exhibition will be held Wednesday February 3rd at the Graduate Gallery, 205 Richmond Street West.

For more information on these events please visit:





02 2016

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