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International Zine Month 2017

img_8270Every July — ever since American zine maker Alex Wrekk declared it in 2009 — zine creators, fans and collectors celebrate International Zine Month. There are various daily activity suggestions rolling around the internet, but this year the OCAD Zine Library decided to write our own list. We hope you take some inspiration from the list, look at some zines, maybe make a zine or two, collaborate with friends, and learn something about zine history and zine making!

  1. Read up on zines and zine history at
  2. Re-read your favourite zines/pick up a zine for the first time
  3. Make a no-staple mini-zine
  4. Read a zine made outside of North America
  5. Order a zine from a zine distro
  6. Search our Zine Library online!
  7. Make envelopes or postcards
  8. Make some mail art!
  9. Create and mail a ziney care package to a friend
  10. Visit the to read archived queer zines
  11. Try something new! If you usually write fiction, try writing a perzine (short for personal zine, which is a journal style zine)
  12. Join the OCADU Zine Collective!
  13. Zine Trade Day! Ask someone to trade zines
  14. ValenZINE’s Day! Write to your zine crush
  15. Leave a zine in public for someone else to find
  16. Visit the Toronto Zine Library (open today from 1-3pm)!
  17. Write and share a zine review
  18. Take out a book about zines from the library
  19. Zine Shop appreciation day! Visit a store near you that sells zines, like The Beguiling or Page & Panel
  20. Submit your zine to a zine library (like us!)
  21. International Zine Library Day! Give us some love
  22. Send your zine out to be reviewed (Broken Pencil, Xerography Debt and Razorcake accept zines for review)
  23. Make a one page zine
  24. Teach yourself a new zine skill
  25. Organize a zine event!
  26. Teach a friend or family member about zines
  27. Submit to a compilation zine
  28. Cook with a recipe from a zine
  29. Post photos of you with your zine or zine collection
  30. Visit to read up on zines by people of colour
  31. Read more Zines!


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