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Zine Power Exhibition

Zine Power Exhibition, November 2017ZINE POWER is the current exhibition at the Learning Zone Gallery, celebrating D.I.Y. publishing.

Learning Zone Librarian Marta Chudolinska and long-time zine maker, curated this exhibition to run in conjunction with the OCAD U Zine Library’s 10 year anniversary. The OCAD U Zine Library was launched November 14, 2007 by former OCAD U student and Toronto artist Alicia Nauta. The zine library collection has grown to over 2000 zines and continues to inspire, educate and entertain.

Fourteen creators from OCAD University and Toronto’s zine making community are featured in this exhibition.

Zine Power Exhibition, Natalie Mark

Completed publications are displayed alongside rough notes, sketches and other process documents that were generated in the making of a zine, giving viewers a deeper insight into the experiences of zine creators.

ZINE POWER creators:

  • Sahar Abdallah
  • Pauline Aksay
  • Tal Sofia Braniss
  • Carrying Root Collective
  • Eunice Lai & Friends
  • Lindsay Gibb
  • Tara Krebs
  • Kai Lumbang
  • Natalie Mark
  • Yahn Nemirovsky
  • Donny Nie
  • Josephine Norman
  • Tami Poliwoda
  • Lina Wu

On until December 2




11 2017

Staff zine picks, week 3

The staff zine picks never end!

Here’s what we chose for our third week of celebrating zines and the anniversary of the OCAD Zine Library.




An untitled zine by Amrit Brar (call no. PER34XS)

“I found this mini-comic zine very relatable because it directly deals with the lack of diversity and representation on television. Amrit Brar adored these two television characters, Ashley Spinelli and Wednesday Addams, while growing up, and the zine also includes an illustration of themselves dressed with similar attire of both of these two television characters.” – Heather







Pizza Doing Stuff Vol 2. by Christine Hale (call no. A160S).

“I mean, it’s a zine full of cute anthropomorphic pieces of pizza doing stuff like sleeping in a park and watching a 3D movie. I think my choice is self explanatory.” – Lindsay








The Ukulele Song Book by C. Thary (call no. I24S).

“This zine opens to a two sided pocket – one with a sheet that teaches you all the relevant chords, one with a small booklet of easy songs to start with. It’s beautifully designed and the perfect little package for aspiring uke players.” – Marta







Idris-San Look my Way: A fanzine by unknown author (call no. A159S)

“A fanzine dedicated to DCI John Luther, I mean Moreau…no, no, I mean Nelson Mandela or do I mean Heimdall? Well, if I have not said it any louder – I heart Idris Elba!” – Heather






A Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline by Charlotte Cooper (call no. P27M).

“This zine documents a timeline of Fat Activism (from 1967 -2010) that was created at a workshop led by the author in 2010, as well as the reasoning behind the workshop and the creation of the zine itself. As well as educating me personally on this topic and how far back activism around this issue goes, this zine exemplifies to me one of the best aspects of zines — the ability to record important community-based knowledge and to provide a valuable resource of information that is not available in mainstream literature.” – Marta







Switchblade Queens by Chris Eng (call no. S104M)

“Full disclosure: the author of this is my friend. But that’s also part of the joy of zines: sharing with your friends and meeting people through zine making. This is the story of seven badass girls who are fighting a corrupt city. Who doesn’t want to read that story?” – Lindsay



11 2017

More staff zine picks!

As November continues (and our Zine Library anniversary party is coming up next week!), we continue to chose and share our favourite zines from the collection.

Here’s a selection of our staff picks:



Stitching Together by Annie Mok (call no. C375M)

“I love the Muppets and I love Kermit the frog. I think he’s having a midlife crisis since separating from Miss Piggy. I really love the Kermit memes. Also, I have cried watching the Muppet’s movie about Gonzo’s deep-seated heartache and longing to belong.” – Natalie, Learning Zone Monitor





Welcome to Nursing HELLo by Joel Craig (call no. C140S)

“This is an autobiographical zine about an actor/writer and his spouse who both turned to nursing after a string of unrewarding career choices. This zine follows Joel dealing with the chaos of adjusting to a new career and working in a hospital. I had not seen the subject matter (putting in catheters, giving IVs, dealing with aggressive patients and stressed doctors) in a zine before and it gave me a highly personal and direct insight into the life of a nurse but also the unique circumstances of the writer’s life. The drawings are simple but work well as a reflection of the fast-paced environment of a hospital where anything can happen. I think this a great example of how the zine format can be beneficial to a very wide range of people and life stories.” – Dylan, Learning Zone Monitor


I Like Girls: Issue 1: “my first crush” published by House Hippo Press (call no. Q17M)

“My absolute favourite zine from the collection, ‘Queer Sailor Moon Fanfiction Saved My Life,’ has already been chosen and written up, but this zine is a very, very close second! I like girls issue 1: ‘my first crush’ is a collection of seven stories ‘for and by queer ladies’, talking about that (bitter) sweet first gay crush, from high school to university to sixth grade. It’s a little funny, a little sad, and perfect for fellow queer girls, those who like perzines, and/or anyone who likes a nice trip down memory lane. ❤️🌈” – Yasmin, Learning Zone Monitor





NOTA by various authors (call no. A135M)

“This zine takes two things I adore and weds them beautifully: the glory of language and the visual pleasures of art.” – Kyla, Learning Zone Monitor







An Awesome Title by Steph Kenzie (call no. C207M)

“A familiar take on the family dynamic of the fight over the family television. Asks questions of other-worldly existence and how even aliens can sometimes use a friend in a time of need. Curious of how stars and other space matter is formed or destroyed? This zine could provide an alternative perspective.” – Tony, OCADU Library practicum student





11 2017

The Writing & Learning Centre (WLC) presents Chantal Gibson: Between Friends

Chantal Gibson

Image citation: Between Friends/Entre Amis. National Film Board of Canada, Still Photography Division, Ottawa, Canada, 1976. McClelland and Stewart Limited, Toronto.

This past October, the Writing & Learning Centre (WLC) hosted visiting artist Chantal Gibson , A Historical In(ter)ventionist and educator from Vancouver.

During her visit, Chantal worked on a collaborative interactive altered book installation, called Between Friends. This event was held at the Learning Zone from October 30 to November 3.

Chantal invited OCAD U faculty, students and visitors to participate in the writing of this book by weaving, braiding and linking their shared stories from past to present, across borders between the US and Canada.

Chantal Gibson: Between Friends, 2017

Image credit: Chantal Gibson

To learn more about the inspiration and the book Between Friends please follow this link or contact Stephanie Dayes (WLC)



11 2017

Staff zine picks!

All through November, in honour of the OCAD Zine Library’s 10th anniversary, the staff of the Learning Zone will be sharing our favourite zines with you!

Check our social media daily to follow along with our staff’s favourite zines in the collection and learn about why we love these publications so much.

Here are our first few picks:

172_3_163_020Wood Panel That Shit by Krystina Plante (Call No. S21XS)

“This zine is so creative and fun! It’s a loving homage to wood panelling, and how you could incorporate it into your life, in mostly unpractical ways. It uses wood-panel contact paper for the cover and throughout to drive the point home. The best part: you flip the zine over and you have the same zine in French. A bilingual zine!” – Marta, Learning Zone Librarian




190_9_333_030Bessie Coleman by Marya Errin Jones (Call No. I122M)

“Seeing a black woman on the cover of this zine with clouds swirling around her and a tiny airplane peaked my interest. After reading the introduction by Marya Errin Jones, I understood why – “When I need to remember that there are women in the world who look like me, thrive like me, create like me, laugh like me, challenge stereotypes and perceptions of everyday black life, just like me.” It was that reason in itself why I love this zine.” – Heather, Learning Zone Technician



190_9_333_061Queer Sailor Moon FanFiction Saved My Life by an unknown author (Call No. Q37M)

“I was first drawn to zines because of their personal/confessional nature. So, I generally love any perzine, but perzines about fandom and how pop culture connects to our lives and makes us feel less alone are 100% my bag. This zine explores 90s queer girl culture (my heart!) and how the author used media and fanfiction to find herself as a young, queer person. I was (and still am) into finding queerness in cartoons and I saw a lot of myself in this zine (I’m still in love with Sailor Mercury). Connecting with writing on that level is the definition of what makes zines amazing!” – Lindsay, Learning Zone Coordinator


176_8_208_002Etiquette: A silly drawings mini-comic by Matt Fielding (Call No. C59XS)

“I selected this comic maybe because my mom used to be an etiquette instructor. I remember her reading all those things you should do in impossible fancy situations. This comic is not at all like that! This comic points out all the situations you are going to encounter on your way to school! In a super fun manner, Etiquette helps you be a better you! Just read it!” – Nikole, Learning Zone Monitor

We’re also holding a party to celebrate the anniversary of the OCAD Zine Library. Come by the Learning Zone from 5pm to 8pm on Tuesday, November 14th to celebrate zines, hear from the founder of the collection, talk about zines, trade zines, make zines and more…


11 2017

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