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MIGRATION: First Generation Student Exhibition

Migration: First Generation Student Exhibition

A new exhibition has opened at the Learning Zone Gallery called Migration.

Migration: First Generation Student Exhibition is an event held every year which recognizes the “talent and achievements” of First Generation students from all of the undergraduate programs at OCAD University.

Seventeen first generation students’ artwork responding to the exhibition theme “Migration” will be showcased.

A publication launch of Migration will be held at the opening reception in the Learning Zone, Wednesday March 21, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Exhibition is on until March 29

Migration: First Generation Student Exhibition, 2018



03 2018

10th Annual OCAD Zine Fair

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the OCAD Zine Fair. What started as a one day event in 2008 morphed into a two-day affair that celebrates the work of OCADU students and alumni as well as members of the local zine community. This year’s event was a lot of fun, and featured a combination of familiar faces and new vendors.

If you missed a day, or need a reminder of who was there so you can pick up a zine you missed, here’s a list of tablers by day:



  • Vincy Lim
  • Cleo Peterson
  • Julia Pereira
  • Danielle-Leigh
  • Lauren Gamble
  • Rabeea Syed
  • Clara Lynas
  • Heidi Ku
  • Kai Lumbang
  • Becca Michie
  • Caerina Abrenica
  • Emily Kryz
  • Jercy Dee & Christina Castellano
  • Alyssa Pisciotto
  • OCADU Zine Collective
  • Toronto Zine Library
  • Ace Zine Archive
  • Jisu Lee
  • Sunday Night Bombers


  • Emily Fay Fin
  • Christopher Morro
  • Wandy Cheng
  • Tami Poliwoda
  • Natalie Mark
  • Rachel McCormick
  • Casey Helm
  • Lina Wu
  • Stefanie Chow
  • OCADU Zine Collective
  • OCADU Student Press
  • Kai Lumbang
  • Pauline Aksay
  • Bad Cat Collective
  • Laura Watson
  • Leanna Bleakney
  • Collective TBD
  • Hannah Zbitnew


03 2018

Perspectives Exhibition

Perspectives Exhibition, 2018

The Learning Zone Gallery presents a group exhibition called Perspectives.

This exhibition was organized by International Eyes, a student group which represents a community of students from culturally diverse backgrounds. It includes work in a variety of mediums, from painting to photography.

Contributors: Kalore Jingmei Cao, Raquel Gouvea Jose Felicia da Costa, Tim Hu, Nataly Kais, Ji Woo Lim, Kaylee Meyer, Tony Mulo, Ehiko Odeh, Michelle Scholz, Zhiyi Qian and Chenjun Zhu.


‘Perspectives’ is an exhibition showcasing the work of international students at OCAD U. While being international means different things to each student, it is oftentimes a big part of one’s identity. This is a small insight into the diverse body of work that international students are creating that highlights their abilities, personalities and passions.

Chenjun Zhu. Perspectives Exhibition, 2018





03 2018

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