2020 Zine Workshop series with Marta Chudolinska

So much has happened since we last saw you. COVID-19 has impacted how we used to move about our daily life on campus. Seeing familiar faces by the elevators or while passing through the halls has moved online. The university has jumped into action during this difficult time, keeping students, faculty and staff informed and connected more so now than ever.

While community quarantine remains in place, we wanted share some fun photos from our digital album of our zine workshop series held this past January and February.

Zine Workshop Series, 2020

Each year the Learning Zone hosts a series of zine workshops for OCAD U students. The workshops are a fun hands-on experience led by Marta Chudolinska, a comic book artist and zine maker.

Learning DIY skills like binding or block printing adds a special handmade touch to your zines, artists books, multiples, posters or other material that is part of your creative process, and opens the door to the industry of self-publishing.


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05 2020

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