Hello all!!!

Here’s a bit of information about us and our space. The Learning Zone is an alternative work area where you can collaborate with other OCADU students and faculty, or seek advice from Library staff. It’s a place where everyone can learn from each other!

The Learning Zone features desktop and laptop computer workspaces, printers (letter and tabloid size), scanners (two large format), table space for non-toxic creation, the OCAD Zine Library collection, the ReUse Depot, the Design Annual Collection, the Visionnaire Periodical Collection and the OCADU Seed Library.

We are located at 122 St. Patrick Street. Access is from inside the Village by the Grange Mall (Level 1).

To find out more about us visit http://www.ocadu.ca/library/learning_zone.htm.

Our blog is a space where you can also find information about events and workshops, art and design news, and engage with the OCADU community. Visit often to learn new skills and software, and get research and learning support. Here you will find things we find creative, inspiring, fun and silly, as well as mindless or mindful topics we want to share with you.

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