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“How Are U, OCAD U?” Research Project

How Are U OCADU? Research; CROS 4B02 Art & Design Education Lab: Community Leadership led by Dr. Pam PattersonMany changes at OCAD U this year, let’s talk about it!

OCAD University is experiencing a growth—new Deans, programs and courses amidst the challenge to find the resources to support the expanding activities, while trying to find the time to navigate through the university program, as well as personal objectives including curriculum, exhibitions, events, and deadlines.

Finding the opportunity to evaluate and share the experience of our learning environment can be hard to manage, but some important questions need to be asked:

How is teaching and learning working for you at OCADU? What are some of the assumptions that are made about an OCAD U students, and what is expected of us as students, artists, and members of the university community? Better yet, how have we worked collaboratively for change? What coping strategies have we found? What groups we have organized?

CROS 4B02 Art & Design Education Lab: Community Leadership Students led by Dr. Pam Patterson

Dr. Pam Patterson’s students from CROS 4B02 Art & Design Education Lab: Community Leadership class invites all students, faculty, staff and alumni to engage and contribute to their research project How Are You OCAD U, hosted in OCAD U Library’s Learning Zone.

Students from this class created an installation wall featuring questions about how OCAD U functions as a learning community, seeking critical perspectives as well as feedback on what is successful in our environment and should be expanded.

Towards the end of the semester responses collected from this research project will be compiled and reflected in a handmade publication to share amongst the OCAD U community.

Please come by the Learning Zone to share your experiences, add your questions and comments to our wall. Bring your issues, perspectives and ideas forward!


10 2014

Encountering Diverse Communities

Encountering Diverse Communities artivism collage work, created by Pam Patterson’s Art & Design Education Lab Advanced Class of Summer 2013, is presently on exhibition at the Learning Zone.

These collages reflect the students’ experiential response to their placement within a cultural institution involving OCAD U learning partners – AGO, Regent Park Community Centre, Clinton Street Junior Public School and Gilda’s Club, exploring themes of dignity/respect, hope, understanding, and change.

“The following collages incorporate themes which were essential to facilitating a healthy and constructive learning/social environment” — CROS 4B02 Art and Design Education Lab

Contributors to the artivism collage work: Astha Bhatia; Jasmine Buckingham; Hudson Christie; Megan d’Angelo; William Hollingshead; Nazil Nahidi; Hareen Qureshy; Julia Sardinha; Natascha Shena; Angelina Stoikova; Cassidy Tam; Pam Patterson; Peter Rahul.




06 2013

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