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Drawings presented by Echo Railton’s 1st and 2nd year classes

Observational drawings from Echo Railton’s first and second year drawing (DRPT 1CO2) and figurative class (DRPT 207) are currently on display at the Learning Zone.





11 2014

Great Grange Event: Faculty of Art first-year student exhibition on until March 22nd

The Great Grange Event has returned to the Learning Zone, celebrating another exciting year of first year Faculty of Art student work.

On exhibition are a diverse collection of student artwork from winter electives and core focus courses, ranging from drawings and paintings to mixed-media and time-based media work. A unique inclusion is a set of parfleches from Bonnie Devine’s Narrative Strategies: Contemporary Aboriginal Sculpture & Installation class.

Join us on March 20th at 6:30 pm for the opening reception of the Great Grange Event. The exhibition will be on until March 22nd. Visit the Learning Zone and floors 3, 4, and 5 at 113 McCaul Street.





03 2013

The OCAD Zine Library Gets French!

Did you know that the OCAD Zine Library has French and bilingual zines? Mais oui! This is Canada, after all, et le français est l’une de nos langues officielles! (That’s “and French is one of our official languages,” for the Anglophones out there.)

On display right now in the Learning Zone is a selection of French and bilingual zines (pictured below). This is a great opportunity to widen your understanding of the Canadian experience! Even if you can’t read French, comics are a fun way to learn a new language — or even just to ingest some of the culture — because of how much they use images and other non-textual methods of communication.

If you can’t make it down in time for the display, ne vous inquiétez pas! Here’s a list of French and bilingual zines in our collection. As always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Learning Zone, ask for help! That’s what we’re here for, after all.


C29XS Gelem et le serpent buveur de pluie by Charles Mernard; published 2006 by Grafigne

C38S Gribeault No. 11; published by KataSOHO

C21L Les 48 heures de la bande dessinée de Montréal; published 2010

C33L Les 48 heures de la bande dessinée de Montréal; edited by Vincent Giard, published 2011


I09S In to night / En nuit Iss. 1; written anonymously, published 2010

I30S Graphzines et autres publications d’artistes; edited by Sylvie Alix, published 2007 (Montreal) by Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec


Per16S Une tarte a la trisse-tesse; written anonymously


Ph01M Olivier Richon: et in arcadia ego by Antonio Guzman; published 1992 by Galerie Des Beaux-Arts / École Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes


Q15M We are beautiful, nous sommes magnifiques: portraits trans + gender queer portraits by Sylvie le Sylvie; published 2011 (Montreal)


S21XS Wood panel that shit! by Krystina Plante; published 2012 (Toronto)

S64M Street winds: selected works by Ozias Lebeau

S73M Hunting horns / Cors de chasse: handmade story by Sara Ananda Badger & Zachary Badger


02 2013

Material Art & Design: Ritual and Repetition Exhibit


Ritual and Repetition is the latest exhibition at the Learning Zone to feature OCADU student talent. Currently on exhibition is artwork by the third year students’ Fibre: Concept Development Material Art & Design class of Lynne Heller.

On display are students’ projects which encompass the idea of ritual and repetition. The students were asked to make one hundred elements, and then assemble them into one completed piece. The concept of ritual and repetition is examined and explored using various materials, techniques, and activities such as collecting, marking, stitching, drawing, photography, weaving, unraveling, building, scratching, collaging and manipulating.



04 2012

Mega Quarry Poster Show – March 26th to April 5th

Mega Quarry Poster Show!

Mega Quarry Poster Show

Currently on exhibition at the Learning Zone are a collection of activists’ posters speaking against the Mega Quarry, designed by the first year graphic design students of Linda Montgomery’s Drawing and Translation class.

For this assignment, the students take on social and environmental accountability as young designers, driving change through their poster designs for the Mega Quarry Campaign.

The Opening Reception, held on Wednesday March 28th, 6 – 9 pm. was well attended with guest speakers Donna Tranquada, formerly of CBC Radio and Dr. Faisal Moola, Director General of the David Suzuki Foundation, Ontario and Canada’s North.

Awards for the best three Mega Quarry posters were presented to Joanna Lu, Anton Mwewa and Man Yan Ashley Yip. Honorable mentions were presented to Elvis Shao, Zhi Gao, Paul Bernier and Lauren Livingston. Congratulations to all students.

Braden Loi

Braden Loi

Come to the Learning Zone today, to see this engaging exhibition before it ends on April 5th and to learn more about the Mega Quarry.

“Every generation has a purpose. The generation faces social and environmental impacts on an unprecedented scale. As these problems become ever more complex, there is a need for more cooperation, collaboration and a pressing need for more socially and environmental driven graphics” adapted from Institute without Boundaries

Mega Quarry Poster artist list.



04 2012

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