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Great Grange Event: Faculty of Art first-year student exhibition on until March 22nd

The Great Grange Event has returned to the Learning Zone, celebrating another exciting year of first year Faculty of Art student work.

On exhibition are a diverse collection of student artwork from winter electives and core focus courses, ranging from drawings and paintings to mixed-media and time-based media work. A unique inclusion is a set of parfleches from Bonnie Devine’s Narrative Strategies: Contemporary Aboriginal Sculpture & Installation class.

Join us on March 20th at 6:30 pm for the opening reception of the Great Grange Event. The exhibition will be on until March 22nd. Visit the Learning Zone and floors 3, 4, and 5 at 113 McCaul Street.





03 2013

External Space Opening Night


It was a beige kind of evening at the Learning Zone on Wednesday 3 October, complete with beige-coloured food, drinks, decorations, and dress. It was opening night for External Space – LZ’s latest exhibition space, hosted in collaboration with XPACE Cultural Centre – and things kicked off with a bang (thankfully not a pop!) to showcase Vikki Dziuma’s beige and balloon-themed photographs and videos.


After the ribbon cutting (with beige ribbon, of course), Dziuma graced her audience with a presentation of her recent works, and talked about her inspiration (including the timely intersection of an assignment to “do something with colour,” and a vacation to an overwhelmingly beige locale) as well as her methods (such as stuffing brown balloons inside gold ones – for, as she discovered after deciding to feature them in her work, there is no such thing as beige balloons!).

Dziuma’s video, Celebration of Existence (As It Currently Exists), will be on exhibit for the rest of the month. Visit XPACE’s website to learn more, and look forward to next month’s exhibit, “Huffing and Puffing” – with more balloons!


10 2012

COLLAGE THIS WALL: Interactive Installation

A Big Thank You to all of the creative minds who participated in this summer’s interactive installation experiment, Collage This Wall, installed by the Learning Zone.



10 2012

The Great Grange Event: Reception & Wearable Art Show

Wearable Art Performance

Wearable Art Performance

On Tuesday March 20th, the Learning Zone hosted a reception for the Nature & Culture: Curatorial Practices and Creative Process  & Research: Wearable Art show.

The first year Faculty of Arts students of Derek Liddington and Candida Girling worked collaboratively to showcase an impressive performance and site installation.

Sylvia Whitton

Sylvia Whitton

With opening remarks by Chair of First Year Art, Sylvia Whitton, Diane Pugen, Derek Liddington and Candida Girling.



03 2012

TDSB Open Exhibition

The Learning Zone is now featuring OPEN, our annual exhibition of art by Toronto District School Board Secondary Students. It was awesome that so many teachers, parents and students came out to celebrate the opening reception with us. The opening reception featured a panel discussion where OCADU profs and students had the opportuntity to share their wisdom and advice.

OCADU profs Simon Glass and Glenn McArthur discussed the importance of tapping into the community and getting involved. The positive experience they have had teaching has been inspirational to them as artists, particularly through the opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate and learn from each other. Simon also discussed his experience starting Gallery 44 with his teacher and a group of students as a space to show their own work and explained how it grew with others from the community getting involved.

OCADU student Cayla Christiansen discussed how it is important to get out of your comfort zone, pursue things that scare you and take classes that intimate you. She discussed how often you will get the most from these experiences. She also talked about the importance of taking bits and pieces from what you learn rather then becoming a clone of your profs and the significance of finding your own voice. OCADU student Andrea Manica spoke about having fun while doing your work, working on projects that are meaningful to you and that students should take advantage of the resouces available to them while being in school.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jan Sage and Jill Patrick for their opening remarks as well as the profs and students from OCADU who participated in the panel: Pam Patterson, our moderator and co-organizer, and the panelists Simon Glass, Glenn McArthur, Cayla Christiansen and Andrea Manica. From TDSB we would like to thank Lisa Sanders: head of the steering committee which organized the exhibition, Visual Arts and Media Arts Instructional Leader, The Arts Department of the TDSB. Christine Jackson:  Program Coordinator of The Arts with the Toronto District School Board (Visual Arts, Media Arts, Drama and Dance) and Robert Murphy: Exhibition Facilitator for TDSB Arts Department. As well as the steering committee of teachers Christina Yarmol, Yolanda Mak , Andrea Rappos, Trish Boon, Tony Caputo and TDSB Intern Shannon Dickie.

The exhibition runs from May 26th- June 6th in the Learning Zone, 122 St. Patrick Street, Level 1. Our hours are 10am -6pm Monday to Friday. We look forward to seeing you!


06 2011

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