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Figure 1 Exhibition

Soft Pink Forms by Clara Lynas

This month and until the end of June, the Learning Zone presents Figure 1. It’s a new exhibition which “engages with the tradition of figurative representation”.

Figure 1 showcases artwork from twelve OCAD University students working in various media and artistic styles to depict the human form.

Approaches range from realistic life painting to the exploration of abstract forms.  Some artists chose to focus on expression, gesture, or emotion, while others tackled our relationships to objects, each other and the spaces we occupy.

Feeling Hot Dysphoria, 2017, Will Brask

Francis Tomkins curated Figure 1 and includes works by Misbah Ahmed, Alexandria Boyce, Wil Brask, Will Carpenter, Jisu Lee, Wenting Li, Clara Lynas, Natalie Mark, James Okore, Rem Ross, Brianna Tosswill, and Dalbert Vilarino.

Figure 1 Exhibition, 2017

On until June 29




05 2017

Zine Library Workshop Series: Embroidery on Paper

Embroidery on Paper Workshop. Marta Chudolinska, 2017The last installment of the Zine Library Workshop Series was the Embroidery on Paper Workshop, held February 28 and March 1. Like bookbinding, embroidery on paper has a long history in the arts and crafts. Embroidery on paper is a technique that involves weaving fine threads through pin pricked holes on card or paper.

Marta Chudolinska, the Learning Zone Librarian stitched her way through the workshop, providing step-by-step instructions including an intro to a library of embroidery stitches that would dazzle any D.I.Y. project.

Students learned 11 handy stitches—running stitch, back stitch, cross stitch, French knot stitch, satin stitch, split stitch, blanket stitch, fly stitch, cable knot stitch, double feather stitch and the whip stitch in order to create outlines, borders, decorations and fillings with their designs.

To get you started, here are two great embroidery titles from Marta’s thumbs up list: Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Embroidery by Melinda Cross and Artfully embroidered: motifs and patterns for bags and more by Naoko Shimoda.

Embroidery on Paper Workshop, 2017

The Zine Library Workshop Series: Hardcover Bookbinding, Linocut Printing and Embroidery on Paper, was a fun hands-on experience—discovering new techniques, tools and materials that can be applied to your next zine or D.I.Y. project.

Embroidery on Paper gallery:



03 2017

GTI ColorMatcher Light Booth in the Learning Zone

GTI ColorMatcher

The Learning Zone is home to a few low-tech tools such as rulers, scissors or a light box but we also have a Color Matching System Booth.

It’s a great tool for matching or inspecting colours under multiple light sources—giving you accurate immediate feedback on how the same object is perceived under different lighting environments.

This ColorMatching Booth can also double as a tool for documenting your artwork. It has a sturdy work surface to place your work on, and diffuse lighting with controlled colour temperature light source.

You can use white or coloured seamless paper when documenting your artwork. All we ask is for you to use light-tack tape that will not leave residue on the unit.

Visit these resources to learn more about the ColorMatcher Booth or for further guidance on documenting your artwork:

GTI’s CMlite ColorMatching Systems

VAI Documenting Your Work

Emerging Artist Guide

cmlite: GTI Colourmatching System/Light Booth located in the Learning ZoneManufacturer Information

GTI Color Matcher Model CMB-2540

Viewing Area 25″ x 40″ x 25″ (H x W x D) 64 cm x 102 cm x 64 cm

Five light sources

Artificial daylight (D65, D75, or D50)

Store light (CWF or TL84)

Home light (Incandescent A)

Optional source (D50, TL84, TL83, Horizon, or LED)

Ultraviolet light

Please ask for assistance to plug it in. To save power and reduce tripping hazards, we keep the unit unplugged.




02 2016

The Materials Trading Post Event: Wednesday November 18, 1- 4 pm!

The Indigenous Visual Culture Program and the Library’s Learning Zone collaborates once more to bring you The Materials Trading Post!

The Materials Trading Post Is Back. Wednesday November 18, 1- 4 pm. INVC and Learning Zone joint event. Donations

It’s a swap and trade event in which you can share your knowledge, ideas and materials. This event invites us to embrace the idea of sharing over waste.

Donate or exchange any unused or lightly used art and design materials from paints, pastels to protractors and inks. We will be accepting a broad range of art supplies.

Sorry, we will not accept books, clothing or any other unrelated items.

Unable to attend the day of the event but you want to contribute? Donations can be brought to:

The Indigenous Visual Culture Office, Room 410, 4th floor at 113 McCaul Street or The Learning Zone, Room 110, 1st floor, 113 McCaul during regular hours.

Join us in the Learning Zone Wednesday November 18 between 1 – 4 pm for refreshments, to share ideas, inspiration and the exchange of materials.

All are welcome!



11 2015

Get excited about September!

GROCAD Windowfarm in the Learning Zone

It’s a wrap! Summer semester is over and we at Library Services Learning Zone are looking ahead to welcoming back students and faculty when we open for the Fall/Winter Semester.

The Learning Zone recently celebrated its 5th Anniversary with the launch of the ReUse Depot, networking across campus to promote the Re-using, Re-claiming, Re-purposing, and Re-cycling art & design materials.

At the Learning Zone, the promotion of exchange and sustainability is embraced through the support for Plate Station, OCAD Seed Library, and GrOCAD.

In addition, the Learning Zone contains a growing OCAD Zine Library collection, eclectic multi-platform magazine Visionaire, Design Annuals, XPACE Cultural Centre: External Space and Career Services Resume/CV Drop-in Clinics.

Visit us to study, collaborate, or fuel your imagination.

Stay tuned for our September hours!


08 2015

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