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International Eyes Gallery – Liisa Aaltio

Liisa Underwater Steampunk

Liisa Aaltio: Underwater Steampunk

The Learning Zone is pleased to announce Steampunk Sea Life by Liisa Aaltio, currently on exhibition at the International Eyes Gallery. Liisa is a 3rd year illustration student from Helsinki, Finland.

Learning Zone: Hi Liisa, can you tell us a little about yourself and the art that you create?

Liisa: I’m really fascinated by biology, nature and machines at the same time. A lot of my pieces have a little bit of darkness in them. I use a lot of patterning in my artwork.

LZ: Being an international student, do you have a favourite city?

Liisa: I have multiple favourites, bits and pieces of each city that makes them favourable to me… I would love to live in Paris, I love the food and the atmosphere, Boston, I’ve travelled there so many times, it’s my third home and Iceland is my get away city, summers in Helsinki are beautiful and I would love to live in Toronto.

Visit the LZ before April 20th, to see these amazing illustrations by Liisa.


Liisa Aaltio: Underwater Steampunk




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