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xpace: External Space: Despondence by Katie Kotler

Despondence by Katie Kotler; XPACE: External Space, August 3 - September 14

Katie Kotler’s digital animation, Despondence, uses playful renderings of simple forms, regular geometry, and fluttery organic shapes floating through space, to create an eye-popping visual symmetry of fun.

Kotler, a recent graduate from OCAD University Digital Future Program takes her inspiration from early computer animated technology, contemporary digital art and the usage of grids to describe spatial relationships, used throughout history to resolve a multitude of mathematical abstractions and geometric fundamentals, and is at the core of all computerized digital structures.

Curated by Adrienne Crossman.

On until September 14 at External Space in the Learning Zone or online.


08 2015

xpace: External Space: 1st Place by Michelle Homonylo

Michelle Homonylo, 1st Place; Xpace Cultural Centre: External Space

Come to the Learning Zone this summer and check out Xpace Cultural Centre: External Space’s latest exhibition video, 1st Place by Michelle Homonylo.

Homonylo’s usage of Olympic found footage and her performance portraying an Olympic swimmer are carefully constructed using split screens and cut-away techniques, to create juxtaposition between a competitive sporting environment and domestic space.

 Both settings convey the isolating, singular pursuit of excellence within their respective existence

Jon Lockyer

The video’s imagery is modeled after Homonylo’s roots in contemporary photography.

Download Exhibition Essay by Jon Lockyer

On until August 3rd.


07 2015

xpace: External Space: Data Library by Colin Rosati

XPACE Cultural Centre: External Space Gallery current exhibition is Colin Rosati’s video Data Library.

Data Library by Colin Rosati, xpace:External Space May 12 - June 22

Rosati is a multimedia artist presently studying at OCAD University’s Integrated Media Program.

His video is an exploration of themes of representation and authenticity, by generating a virtual environment that emphasizes repetition and imperfection. The rendering is highly quantized and references low-res, early 3-D digital renderings, complete with robotic stilted camera movements. The soundtrack nicely compliments the visuals with the combination of analogue techniques that are digitally disjoined with glitches, jump cuts and backwards playback.

Data Library weaves multiple subjects together as it explores and describes the virtual environment, questioning the process of human perception.

On until June 22nd hosted in Library Services Learning Zone, and online at XPACE Cultural Centre.



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06 2015

xpace: External Space: The Emotional Problems of Living by Tobias Williams

The Emotional Problems of Living by Tobias Williams; xpace:External Space until May 11/15


The Emotional Problems of Living is a 3D animation created by Toronto based artist Tobias Williams for the 2014 Round Table Residency located at the Academy of Dragons.

By referencing models of digital representation and of human perception, the work examines the relationships and boundaries between reality and synthesis. There are multiple references to the RGB colour space, which is a synthetic model to describe components of human vision. Perception of the work itself,  hovers between the real versus computer-rendered model.  The video raises existential questions on the human experience, and the creation of reality as a collective construct.

On until May 10th at xpace: External Space located in the Learning Zone or access online here.



04 2015

xpace: External Space: Run by Faraz Anoushehpour

Run by Faraz Anoushah; xpace: External Space

Run by Faraz Anoushehpour, a Toronto based filmmaker and graduate from OCAD U Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design, is a black & white one shot performative video depicting the artist running in the empty streets of a residential neighbourhood, to exhaustion.

A major component of the work is the soundtrack, which creates a rhythmic pattern from the sound of the runner’s footsteps.

On until March 30th at the External Space gallery in the Learning Zone


03 2015

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