Mar 14

Prezi Presentation

As for out next assignment,I am working with Gina Lin and Boris Kourtoukov, and assembling a Prezi presentation of sorts. The social networking site we are choosing as our topic of conversation is Facebook. What we are looking at is the social aspect and measuring the quality of Facebook as means of social networking.

Socialization is evident in everyday life. However, we see that when feel that despite the “socializing” seen through these devices, it is contradictory in the fact that it lessens human to human contact. It appears that many people, including myself, “friend” people on Facebook, more so for social status than actually socializing with the said person we choose to connect with. We have over 500 friends on Facebook, but only maintain any real connection with 10-15 of them. Despite the fact that people say that privacy is emphasized when using these social media sites, We feel the opposite. True, modifications can be made to exclude individuals who you aren’t networked with from your information, but more often than not your information is easily accessible to “friends” and those who aren’t affected by privacy settings. So people have the luxury of seeing what other people are up to without having to have any direct contact with that person. 

It is these qualities that question the notion of Facebook as a social network. We look to observe this subject within our presentation . Stay tuned!


Sep 04

Hello world!

My Name is Oliver Posada. I am in my 3rd year at OCAD university, doing a major in drawing, and a minor in digital media. I am currently in DIGF 3B01  due to it being a prerequisite for my minor, as well, as being personally interested in further investigation of the concepts of social networking. I hope to have a positive experience as I learn more and cross paths with new people. Happy Trails!