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Brooke Holmes

Paramore, June 25, 2014, DSLR
Marianas Trench, July 15, 2015, DSLR
Hedley, March 3, 2014, DSLR
Hedley, March 3, 2014, DSLR
Taylor Swift, June 15, 2013, DSLR

It wouldn’t let me upload all of my photos, so here’s a link to all of them.

My name is Brooke Holmes and I love concert photography. Music has always been a huge part of my life and live music is where I feel at home. My year-long project will focus on live music and the atmosphere surrounding it. There’s so much more to a concert than simply hearing the music live. Of course that’s an important part of it, but there’s also the connection it provides to the fans, the passion behind the musicians, and the safe place it creates for everyone involved. Concert photography is about capturing all of these things within images. Ideally, the majority of the images will depict concerts and the atmosphere, however I may also include portraits of the band, their environment outside of a concert, or a venue prior to a concert.

My biggest photographic influence is Adam Elmakias. He is a concert photographer that travels with bands on tour and also shoots music festivals. Adam’s photos capture every aspect of a concert through insane angles, crowd shots, and images that capture the essence of the musician. He spends a lot of time with most of his subjects and photographs them off stage as well. Adam has toured a lot with the band All Time Low, one of my favourite bands, so it is cool to see how they’ve grown as a band through his photos. He shares his passion for live music through his photos.

Another influence is Ashley Osborn, a freelance photographer. She tours with Pierce The Veil a lot and so she has gotten to know them. This helps to better capture the band’s essence in her photos. She also works with a magazine called Alternative Press and shoots photos of bands for that publication. I love Ashley’s work because her concert photos are amazing, the contrast she creates in a lot of her work is stunning. Her promotional photos are incredible because they capture the band looking natural and comfortable.

My long term career goals include photographing concerts, whether it be through the band, the venue, or a publication. My biggest goal would be to travel with a band on tour as their photographer. It would be incredible for so many reasons. It would combine all the things I love in life: photography, music, and travel. Touring with a band would allow me to get to know them as well and create new connections, such as a band they’re touring with and that would create more connections. This goal is going to take a lot of networking and a lot of putting myself out there. That being said, to be overwhelmed with photos of bands and concerts would be a dream come true. I want to share my passion for music with other people who feel the same way and photography is the best way for me to personally express my passion.