Fashion Photography

Jordan Mill, Michael Seleski, Candice Linkie, Jay Ordóñez, and Sandy Pranjić

Fashion Photography Proves Its Value – The New York Times


Environmental Landscape

Heike, Emily, and Christy

Wedding Photography


By: Darany Vongprany + Chelsea Davies

How landscape photography is shifting




By: Jasmine, Kevin, Pablo, Emily

wedding photography article

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Copyright Issues regarding Music Photography/Sports and Entertainment

Are Bands Really Asking Concert Photographers To Hand Over Their Copyrights_ _ L.A

By: Shahnoor Ijaz, Alyssa Balistreri and Sabrina Leeder

Education and Art

Matt Peco and Claire Mahaffy.

Reading Sections, ‘Arts and Education’ as well as ‘Creativity Education’


Documentary vs Fine Art photography

documentary article 
-Amy and Kristi

Assignment 2: Proposal

Kevin Chan Introduction Video

chelsea davies- assinment: 2 proposal

Bibliography directed studio

above this is my link to my bibliography and down below is my video explaining my research and direction in wedding photography enjoy 🙂


Introduction to your practice – Christy Yao (re-published)

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