Ursula Handleigh, Breathing Into Empty Spaces, 2014

Ursula Handleigh, Breathing Into Empty Spaces, 2014

Congratulations Alumni Ursula Handleigh & 4th year student Dainesha Nugent-Palache for being select to participate in The Artist Project: UNTAPPED.  

Better Living Centre
Exhibition Place, Toronto
Opening : Feb 19,  7-10pm
Fri, Feb 20,  11am-8pm
Sat, Feb 21, 11am-8pm
Sun, Feb 22, 11am-6pm

UNTAPPED Emerging Artists is a juried competition that awards new artists an opportunity to participate in a dedicated feature space at a professional-level art fair. This program aims to provide a platform for artists to launch their artwork to a public audience, make connections within the arts industry and gain experience in the contemporary art world.

Selected from hundreds of applications, 20 of the country’s best up-and-coming artists are invited to showcase their work for FREE!

Bio: Ursula Handleigh is a visual artist based in Toronto and a graduate of OCAD University’s BFA program. Working with experimental photography, film and historical processes of imaging making, her work explores questions of identity, perception, memory and familial relationships. Ursula has participate in the XPACE/SPARK Art Space Residency in Syracuse, New York, the M.C. McCain Post-Graduate Residency in Toronto, Ontario and the Spark Box Residency in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Her work has been exhibited across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Bio: Dainesha Nugent-Palache is a Canadian lens-based artist living and studying in Toronto, at OCAD University, who creates performative and conceptual video works and photographs. In the process of completing her BFA in photography, Dainesha is currently working on her thesis, in which she hopes to explore the dichotomies and paradoxes present in Jamaican culture. Most of Dainesha’s work is concerned with representations of society, self, and black diasporic identities, in relation to both the past and present; she also expresses an interest in the ever present cult of the consumer within a Post-Ford capitalist society, fixated on glamour and excess. All in all Dainesha hopes to continue to provide documentation and commentary on twenty-first-century realities.