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Gallery 44 Opening: Tonight

Nathan Cyprys

Nathan Cyprys

Sept 25th: Instagram call for student work


Welcome back for another exciting year at OCAD U!

As you mark your calendar with assignment deadlines, exhibition openings, and work schedules, don’t forget to mark SEPTEMBER 25TH, 5PM as the deadline to submit your work for posting on the Photography Program’s Instagram account!

After a little summer break, the Instagram account will soon be going back into full swing!  We are steadily gaining followers, many of these have been art galleries and magazines which is great exposure for you!  The concept for this account is to showcase the works of our students and department in an on-line portfolio.  It will act as a tool to help promote our students outside the university while also representing the strength of our program.

Call for submission:

Open to all students in the Photography Department regardless of year or stream.  Please submit works!!!  (Note: at least one image from every submission will be selected.)

What We Need:

-send us 5 images to select from

-file size 10 by 10 inches at 100 dpi

-file type .jpg

-please caption your images as follows:

Artist Name, Title of work, Year of work, Year of study, @insta username #ocadu_photo
example: Joe Brown, Untitled, 2015, 4th year photo, @joebrown #ocadu_photo

-if your images are landscape or portrait format please adjust the canvas size and include a white border.

-Images should be colour corrected and sized appropriately.  We will not make any aesthetic decisions on your behalf.

When Do We Need It?

Deadline for the second round of submissions is Friday, September 25, 5pm.  Sooner is better!

Please send submissions to:  photoposts@ocadu.ca

Note: we do not send confirmation emails.

Exhibition: Those that belong to the Emperor

all info

Those that belong to the Emperor explores, analyzes and playfully disrupts the seemingly invisible order that governs the way in which we group, juxtapose, compare and categorize things.  Dainesha Nugent-Palache, Gregory McCarthy, Rachel Guglielmelli, Sonet Providence and Taikun Kambashi explore language; perception; and the organization and hierarchy of personals experiences as sites where this order of things manifests itself. In their works, these artists propose new arbitrary ways for indexing memory. They have created systems that reveal their own structural contradictions. The exhibition’s title references the fictitious taxonomy presented by Jorge Luis Borges in his 1942 Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge.

Curated by Sebastián Benítez

Opening Reception: September 10 / 7 – 10 PM

Panel Discussion: September 23 / 4 PM
Moderated by Rachel Guglielmelli, OCADU Faculty and guest panelists will talk about the professional field of publications and opportunities for artists/designers.

OCAD U Student Gallery
52 McCaul St, Toronto, ON


A second section of Colour Photo I (2nd year)  and
Conceptualism in Photography (4th year) are opening!


FALL: Thursdays at 11:50 with John Jones
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This studio-based course explores the creative use of colour in contemporary photography. Students are introduced to both analog and digital methodologies. Areas covered are colour light theory, image formation in film and digital, exposure and colour balance fundamentals, proper selection of colour and transparency films, chemical colour printing, digital colour capture, digital device calibration and printing from digital files. Hands-on practice is supplemented by presentations, lectures and critiques of student work. Aesthetic issues and trends are discussed.

FALL: Tuesdays at 6:30 with Lee Henderson
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Supported by investigation of the postmodern histories of conceptualism in lens-based media, this course will address practices which are initiated by conceptual frameworks, emphasizing discussion of Canadian artists working with photographic imaging and light. It will problematize conventions of photographic tradition, encouraging reflection on the nature of photography as a medium. Students develop their own tactics for engaging in conceptual strategies, producing self-directed projects while being encouraged to consider photography broadly and critically. The course assumes a proficiency with photo-imaging processes so that conceptual explorations can be unfettered by technical limitations.

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