Lea Sanders Impalpable Transference (Darkroom Enlargement) 2015 silver gelatin print variable edition 1 of 3 40″ x 30″

Lea Sanders, Impalpable Transference,, 2015,  lumen print on silver gelatin paper

Transcendence by Lea Sanders
Gladstone Hotel #208 (2nd Floor), 1214 Queen St W
Reception: Saturday, November 7, 4-8pm
Exhibition continues to November 20, 2015

FORWARD by Linda Book

Like a wood fire in a room, photographs….are incitements to reverie – Sontag

The lumen photographs of Lea Sanders are inexplicable beautiful and delicate.  They are modest in size and tonality, richly provocative and reticent.  Natural materials, liek leaves and floweres, are placed directly onto photosensitive film, which is then left outside and exposed to natural light for 5 to 15 days.

As the subjects begin to wilt, the chemicals released by their decay, fuse with the film producing an organic silhouette.  Silently, time and light writes on the film with poetic majic; the marks remaining trace the timeline of their touch.

Lea Sanders is a photo-based artist recently graduated from OCAD University.  This is her first exhibition with P.U.P CONTEMPORARY.

PUP Contemporary (Pop Up Projects Contemporary) is a gallery with geographical flexibility. Founded in 2012, PUP Contemporary “pops up” in temporary spaces around the city as artist and gallery needs dictate. PUP Contemporary exhibits art works in all disciplines including painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture installation, and integrated media. Our goal is to facilitate an easy engagement between new artists and curators, new collectors and patrons.

We do shows. We disappear. And we POP UP again!

Exhibition spaces and duration is based on the availability of spaces, artists, and curators.

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