COME JOIN US ON TUESDAY, MARCH 1ST AT 6:30 PM IN 113 McCAUL, ROOM 525 FOR PRODUCTION CATALYST JESSY PESCE’S BUSINESS TALK!  Not only will you learn about a recent graduate’s experience in freelancing, but you will also get to enjoy some delicious snacks!

BIO: Jessy Pesce has an extensive visual vocabulary that spans the lavish, formally refined and artfully audacious. Her multifaceted abilities as a photographer and ‘unruliness’ to stick to one ‘type,’ fuel her creative interests that extend numerous realms of portraiture.

 Jessy is based in the city of Toronto, but is no stranger to travelling abroad on photo projects. Her clients range from Scotiabank, Etalk, AGO, to a personal heavyweight Horizon Initiative (a non-profit organization in the U.S that empowers orphaned children to self-sustainability.)

 Jessy stands short at just 5’2 but her reach extends far as she is easily at home photographing in her Liberty Village studio or managing a production for a cover shoot at the AGO. Jessy dreams of good times with great wine; but in defiance of her love of a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Jessy is more focused and driven than ever.

Photo of Jessy Pesce, by Shlomi Amiga