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The Artist Project: Alumni Katelyn Gallucci

Katelyn Gallucci, Romantic & Impassive No.1, 2015 28'' X 35'', Digital Inkjet

Katelyn Gallucci, Romantic & Impassive No.1, 2015
28” X 35”, Digital Inkjet

The Artist Project is a contemporary art fair happening from February 18th – 22nd at The Better Living Centre, Toronto, ON. The fair features 250 plus exhibiting artist including, 20 newly emerging artist as part of DeSerres’s UNTAPPED Emerging Artist section.

Amongst the 20 emerging artist is Photo Alumni  Katelyn Gallucci, exhibiting her work entitled, Romantic & Impassive, 2015, boot U-2. The work was produced during her calumniating thesis year at OCAD University.

For more details, check out the Facebook event

Bio:  Katelyn Gallucci is a Toronto-based artist whose work investigates the dynamics of photography and it’s ability to communicate the immediate and the abstract.

As an experimental photo-based artist, her work often combines objects with analog and digital photography techniques to communicate the relationships and paradoxes that occur with in the medium. Gallucci is interested in how these relationships, such as  (time, light,shadow, and representation), allow us insight into, the social, mental, and physical aspects of human experience.

Katelyn Gallucci received her BFA from OCAD University in Toronto, where her graduating thesis work won her the Project 31 Award. Her work has been exhibited at, Artscape Youngplace and in alternative spaces. (Forthcoming) her latest work can be seen and will be featured in the UNTAPPED Emerging Artist section of The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair (in February 2016).

Additionally, Katelyn Gallucci is the recipient of the 2016 CUE Artist Grant, which she will use to produce artworks that expand her experimental photo-based practice. This process and journey is documented on her work-in-progress blog, STUDIO CONTENTS

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  1. Congrats Katelyn! You are a strong artist and will do well at this show.

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