OCAD U Photo major Morgan Sears Williams is member of RUDE, an exiting collective that is making change and making space!  RUDE’s first event is on November 25th at Geary Lane, and 40% of profits will be going to YMCA Sprott House, a homeless shelter for queer youth.   

Visit RUDE on facebook @TheRudeCollective to see the amazing RUDE featured artists including Kent Monkman and OCAD U Photo graduate Maddie Alexander!

About RUDE:

Rude is an acronym for Real Unapologetic Diverse Expression. We are a collective of individuals whose main objective is to create positive spaces for queer folks, especially queer people of colour. This space manifests into a queer dance and art party, held seasonally by the RUDE collective.

Our mission is to create a space that allows queer individuals, especially those that are marginalized due to racism, transphobia, gender identity and gender expression to interact and share in a queer positive environment. To showcase multiple art forms of marginalized queer cultural expression through supporting young drag queens, queer artists, queer DJs, and performers. To bring awareness to LGBTQ homeless youth and to contribute to organisations dedicated to eradicating it.

Queer art is a vital part of RUDE events, as we recognize art to be the force that creates and changes culture and pushes political and social movements. The artists that we feature are RUDE because they are unapologetic about their queerness, their blackness, their indigeneity, their sexuality or gender. The artists chosen for our first event on November 25th, speak to the, often violent or oppressive, gaze inflicted on queer folks and subvert it in vulnerable, confrontational, and sometimes comedic ways.