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Month: December 2016

Toronto SLIDELUCK Call





FRIDAY, DEC 23, MIDNIGHT  is the deadline to submit your work for posting on the Photography Program’s Instagram account!  The concept for this account is to showcase the works of our students and department in an on-line portfolio.  It will act as a tool to help promote our students outside the university while also representing the strength of our program.

Call for submission:  Open to all students enrolled in the Photography Department regardless of year or stream.  Please submit works!!!  (Note: at least one image from every submission will be selected.)

What We Need:

-send us 5 images to select from

-file size 10 by 10 inches at 100 dpi

-file type .jpg

-please caption your images as follows:

Artist Name, Title of work, Year of work, Year of study, @insta username #ocadu_photo
example: Shey Brown, Untitled, 2016, 2nd year photo, @sheybrown #ocadu_photo

-if your images are landscape or portrait format please adjust the canvas size & include a white border.

-Images should be colour corrected and sized appropriately.  We will not make any aesthetic decisions on your behalf.

When Do We Need It? As soon as you can send it!
(or else by midnight on Dec 23rd)

Please send submissions to:  photoposts@ocadu.ca
Note: we do not send confirmation emails.

Photo Team Party – Dec 14, 3pm


Mentorship Opportunity DEADLINE Jan 16


SOFIA (Society of Females In Art)  have an announcement to make….

We are excited to announce our first mentorship program! 

Are you an emerging female photographer?  If so, this is for you!

The objective of the SOFIA mentorship program is to help aspiring female photographers develop their voice as an artist, hone their craft, and create a new body of personal work.

Participating members of SOFIA will work closely with one candidate for one full year, starting in March 2017.  Mentoring photographers will meet with their mentee on a monthly basis to discuss and offer guidance on the work being produced. At the end of the program, each mentee will have a new body of work that will be shown through a SOFIA platform (TBD).

This program is open to emerging female photographers of any age, in any geographic location.

The deadline for applications is 5:00PM EDT, Monday, January 16th, 2017.

Participating members are:

  • May Truong
  • Michelle Yee
  • Raina Kirn
  • Brooke Wedlock
  • Regina Garcia
  • Kerry Shaw
  • Angela Lewis

Interested applicants must submit:

• A cover letter indicating which SOFIA photographer they’d like to work with and why.  Applicants can opt to list up to two photographers they would like to work with (we get it — it’s hard to choose!) however, please note that  successful applicants will only be working with one of the two photographers.

• their resume / CV

• a 500 word essay stating why they want to participate in the mentorship program

• 10 images of previous work (.jpeg, 12” long edge, 72dpi).

Please email your final submission in a zipped folder to:


The successful applicants will be notified by email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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