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Maisha Marshall-Ende

Congratulations to Maisha Marshall-Ende for being the OCAD U representative for the 2017 AIMIA | AGO Photography Scholarship Prize!  Maisha’s portfolio has now moved onto the next stage of the jurying process and will be reviewed by the AIMIA | AGO jury, alongside 15 other students representatives from across the country, in hopes of receiving one of the three $7,000 scholarships! 

The OCAD U faculty jury who selected Maisha to represent OCAD U had this to say about her practice:

Maisha Marshall-Ende works with a confidence beyond her years, seeking and finding new ways to explore the fluidity of representations of bodies. Employing studio colour, b/w and video, her strategies engage the viewer in an intimate vision that disrupts interpretations of beauty and physicality. Her video work is a lovingly shot and an irreverent contribution to the long and illustrious herstory of black hair.

Marshall-Ende uses the figure to skillfully transform the complicated nature of bodies politicized by gender and race. The gestures captured are both subtle and powerful in a stillness that questions and subverts how bodies are seen. The resulting photographs offer dramatic sculptural forms through the intersections of human bodies, hands and faces with lingering close-ups revealing fine-grained and richly textured landscapes of touch. 

Maisha Marshall-Ende, Black bodies: Partner Body Series, 2016

Maisha Marshall-Ende, Black bodies: Partner Body Series, 2016

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  1. Go Maisha!! You’re a Star!

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