This GDES course is available to Photo students!
The portrait, as a specific kind of constructed image is considered in relation to notions of identity, race, gender. Concentrating on technical and theoretical frameworks, independent research, studio projects will dialogue with topics such as self-portraiture, digital (re)constructions, multiple identities, and masquerade, through the intersections of art, editorial, documentary and commercial practices. Foundational theories of representation and the lens will guide students through their projects.
8.5 credits overall – Must be completed prior to taking this course.
7.0 credits from subjects ADVR ENVR GRPH ILLU INDS MAAD GDES ASOC CRCP CROS DRPT EXAN FABR GART INTM IVCA LIFE PHOT PRNT SCIN DIGF INVC IVCL IVCV – Must be completed prior to taking this course.
1.5 credits Liberal Studies from subjects ENGL HUMN SCTM SOSC VISA VISC VISD VISM – Must be completed prior to taking this course.
Main Campus
The Portrait 001

2020-01-06 – 2020-04-03
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3:10 PM – 6:10 PM
2020-01-06 – 2020-04-03
Main CampusMain Building / Sharp Centre 506
Boyce, K