International Collaboration Studio              Sept–April, 2020-21          1.0 credit
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Open to all OCADU Programs

You will register for both semesters, comprising 2 courses at either the 300 OR 400 level:

International Collaboration Studio: Photo 3018
International Collaboration Studio II: Photo 3019
International Collaboration Studio III: Photo 4016
International Collaboration Studio IV: Photo 4017 

Open to 200 level students with Approval



For more information, contact Prof. Meera Margaret Singh


INTAC Exhibition, CONTACT Photo Festival, 2019, Canada




What is INTAC?

This hybrid studio course takes place over two semesters during which time students design and undertake collaborative projects with international partners. Directions identified by the group will vary from year to year, but address the ongoing goals of engaging global issues and communicating across cultures. Participants will respond to an overall theme with project proposals in whatever way they may interpret it, although we hope that global and cross-cultural issues will be fore-fronted. Projects will be developed in a range of media, but particularly those that may be shared readily through online channels. For this reason, photographic and time-based formats are a primary focus, however past students have also worked in other media – most recently audio, sculpture, writing, quilting, jewelry, drawing, painting and performance.


Along with creating relationships with students in the various schools, OCAD students will meet each other and interact online, propose project concepts, join project groups and produce collaborative artworks. Participants will maintain online communication and build a sense of community here at OCAD through group crits, fundraising activities, an exhibition event and possibly publication. Guided by Professors Meera Margaret Singh and Peter Sramek, they will take responsibility for cooperative leadership and initiative.



Using class meetings, video conferencing (sometimes very early in the morning) and online blogs/communication environments (currently Slack and Miro) and popular social networking tools, students will communicate and develop projects under the guidance of the instructors at each school. Scheduling will be flexible, responsive to the needs of the activities while much of the work will be done on the students’ individual time with their project partners using various platforms: Slack, Zoom, Miro, Skype, FaceBook, E-mail and other channels. Specific joint activities and projects will be articulated each year, based on specific partnerships and opportunities. There will be short-term objectives and deadlines over the 8 months of the course. It is important to note that the course structure consists of a flexible online meeting schedule and the class group will not meet every week, rather, more or less every other week.



  • This course is open to students from all programs – Art, Design, INVC, LAS, DigF
  • There are two sets of course codes and students must register in the paired Fall and Winter sections.
  • Students who have taken the 300-level courses may continue in INTAC by registering
    for the 400-level courses. Students requiring 400 level credits may also register at that level with approval.