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OCADU Photo Contact Show

You’re invited to celebrate the 2015 Photo Thesis Contact Show…all three parties!

OCAD University Photography students are papering the town with their art this spring.

Twenty-seven graduates of OCAD U’s Photography thesis program will showcase their images in this year’s prestigious Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

The CONTACT show – The Fortune of Having Been There – will be divided into three “volumes.” Each will be curated by a third-year student from OCAD U’s Criticism & Curatorial Practices program:

  • Volume I: May 14 to 24 (Opening reception: May 15)
  • Volume II: May 25 to June 2 (Opening reception: May 28)
  • Volume III: June 3 to 10 (Opening reception: June 5)

The volumes will unfold at The Project Gallery (1109 Queen St. E.), and the curators will attend their respective opening receptions.

Four of the 27 also have works included in another CONTACT show: Revolution. All the participants in Revolution are students in OCAD U’s International Collaboration Studio course. Visit the exhibition at the Open Gallery, 49 McCaul St., from May 10 to 25.


See more at: http://www2.ocadu.ca/news/8905/graduating-photography-students-exhibit-across-the-city-this-spring#sthash.JIBodURu.dpuf

For the Facebook event, click here.
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Hope to see you there!
Allison Morris, 2015

Allison Morris, 2015

Gabby Frank, 2015

Gabby Frank, 2015

Chris Garland, 2015

Chris Garland, 2015

Emma Blackshaw, 2015

Emma Blackshaw, 2015

Exhibition: Ho Tam

Everyone should go check out Ho Tam’s show at Paul Petro Contemporary Art Gallery titled A Portrait of the Photographer. On now until April 25th. Please click here for more details.

“In the face of globalized pictures, and the globalized subjects and cities they are busy creating, Ho’s models for living, his small portraits and possible lives, are more necessary now than ever.”


Field Study Q&A

Many of you may not know about the Field Study course at OCAD … Below is some information to help gain some knowledge and interest.

Q. What is a field study?

A. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in your field of interest. If you enjoy food photography, opportunities to intern with a food photographers are available. Interest in fashion? Same thing! Galleries? You got it, same!

Q. How is this a course?

A. You can gain 0.5 or 1.0 credit(s) towards your degree.

Q. Who can apply?

A. Any 3rd or 4th year students with an average of 70 or above.

Q. How do I apply? 

A. You’ll write a 500 word (very short) typed proposal explaining how the field study will benefit and advance your studies at OCAD.  You will also need to ask a professor to be your sponsor through the program. You may ask a faculty member who has experience in the placement field (ex. fashion background). You will meet with the faculty occasionally to check in to see how the program is going and if you need help with anything, etc.

Q. Is there any homework?

A. You’ll write a short essay near the end of your field study to summarize your experience and what you’ve learned. Keep a little diary and you’ll be golden!

Q. Is it worth it?!

A. If you want your resume to improve, gain fantastic work experience, and meet lots of new people…then yes! (And possibly a job opportunity post-graduation)

Q. Should I apply?


Q. Who’s this coming from?

A.  A 4th year photo student who didn’t know about the Field Study course until this year. I was offered a photo internship at Toronto Life Magazine, which meant I had to receive school credit to participate. After some research, I found the field study program and quickly applied. I interned in the fall semester and now continue to work freelance for the magazine. This was a great opportunity that has led to a great resume and potential career.


For more information from the OCAD website, please click here. Keep an eye out for deadlines and opportunities!

Xpace: Tax Workshop

On Saturday March 7th, Xpace is hosting another helpful (and FREE) workshop on managing your expenses,  organizing your records and files, and much more. Please RSVP to brette@xpace.info


For more information click here.

CV Workshop

Xpace is hosting a FREE workshop this Saturday, January 17th, to help build your professional CV! This looks like a great opportunity and will be beneficial for your exciting career. Please see the image below for more info or go click here. Don’t forget to RSVP by sending a quick e-mail to adrienne@xpace.info


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