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Adobe Creative Residency Opportunity

Here in OCADU  IT Services, we’re into all things Adobe, and this is a great opportunity for an upper year OCAD U student. The Adobe Creative Residency offers creatives in the early stage of their career the chance to work on their passion projects for an entire year, while Adobe provides support with full salary, health benefits, creative tools, and mentorship.     

Applications for the 2018-2019 Adobe Creative Residency are now open! Now through February 25th, Adobe is accepting applications and IT would like to  OCAD U students. You can learn about the program and how to apply here: https://adobe.ly/2Dlfye6

To learn about the Adobe Creative Residents from 2017, check out this YouTube video

Epson Printer Award


bastman@faculty.ocadu.ca and psramek@ocadu.ca


Feminist Photography Network Call



Siwa Mgoboza – Artist talk and Portfolio Review

Take advantage of this opportunity:

Thursday November 9th In Room 2030 at 6:00pm
Artist talk and portfolio review with

South African Artist           Siwa Mgoboza


Siwa will also do meetings with students who come to the talk and sign up for a time slot. 


INTAC Exhibition Opens in Bratislava

InFocus Exhibition call



Zanele Muholi Lecture Thursday Evening

This just in – a great opportunity – in case you have missed the announcement on myOCADU

Tomorrow at #OCADU – public talk by South African photo artist Zanele Muholi
This will be done via the web – projected in Room 230 at 6:30

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Career Development

Miles Collyer, Coordinator in the OCADU Career Development Office is a Photo Program Grad, so he knows your business!

You can contact him anytime mcollyer@ocadu.ca or drop by the office.

You can check out what the Careers  office in the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers can do for you at: https://www.ocadu.ca/services/career-development.htm


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