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4th Year Epson Award


 Thanks to the generosity of Epson Canada and our supportive local representative Andrew Patrick, OCAD U’s Photography Program is pleased to announce that Epson is donating an Epson Printer (model to be confirmed) to a Photo major enrolled in Directed Photo Studio, Landmarks or Thesis during 2016/2017.


  • Open to undergraduate Photography majors who are currently enrolled in the Photo Directed Studio, Landmarks or Thesis Stream.
  • Applicants must have a practice that incorporates digital output such as digital negatives or prints.
  • Open to students with diverse career goals.

Applications must be submitted before Mon, May 8th at midnight to Jenn Long at jlong@faculty.ocadu.ca. In the subject line, note your name and Epson Award Application.  Results will be announced in the late May.

Submissions: In a single pdf, include the following:

  • Your name, email and the 4th year course you were enrolled in.
  • 5 to 10 examples of your strongest work that is created using a digital component (example: the final print may be a digital print or the work could be created using a digital negative). The selected images can be from a single series or diverse bodies of work.
  • Place only 1 image per page and under each visual, include:
    • Title, date of creation & scale
    • Medium: example: Epson Paper mounted on dibond
    • Additional details if needed: example: “This cyanotype was created using a digital negative.”
  • 250 words (maximum) explaining why you want this Epson printer and how it will be an asset to your future career goals.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenn Long at jlong@faculty.ocadu.ca
(Note: Jenn will be away from April 21-April 27.)

Career Launcher: Artscape Youngplace Due Apr 24!



Apply to ART CAMP 2017


Call for proposals: Due April 30th, 11:59pm (midnight)

Art Camp 2017 brings together 12 emerging artists from OCAD University and Ryerson University to build community and create art. This opportunity is open to artists in their 2nd year of study through to recent graduates (up to 2 years post-graduation) who are enrolled/alumni from a program within OCAD U’s Faculty of Art, Indigenous Visual Culture or Ryerson’s School of Image Arts. Participants will be selected through an application process in May 2017 that is based on artistic merit, availability and interest in collaboration.

Art Camp recognizes the profound and essential value that diversity brings to the creation, reception and circulation of creative practices and discourse. We encourage applications from members of equity-seeking communities including women, racialized and Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, and persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions. We encourage members of equity-seeking groups to self-identify within their letter of intent in their application.

Working alongside faculty supervisors Robyn Cumming (Ryerson University), Jennifer Long & Jennie Suddick (OCAD U), the selected artists will create a group exhibition at Ryerson University’s off-site gallery Ryerson Artspace at the Gladstone Hotel in August 2017.

This year’s exhibition theme is RAISING/FALLING. Potential participants are not required to submit work on this theme but will create work during the course of the residency that engages with this theme for the resulting exhibition in August.

Participating in the residency will involve May & June access to OCAD U’s Photography Production Facilities, professional practice workshops, studio visits, talks, film screenings, brainstorming sessions, critiques and learning new artistic skills from May to August 2017. All participants will receive a budget towards the production of their exhibited work.

Note: The level of Photo studio access will vary depending on the artist’s familiarity with photography.

Residency Sessions: Participants should be available for the following sessions (evening sessions and special events may be added):

-Friday, May 12th 1-9pm: Introductions, sharing of work, welcome dinner
-All Wednesdays in May-July 9am-5pm

How to Apply
In a Google Drive/Dropbox link or single PDF document, include the following:

Applicant information:
• Name, Email address, University & Program of Study
• The year of study you will be entering in Sept 2017 / year of graduation
• Confirmation of your availability on the above dates (some
exceptions can be granted)
• Note: past participants are encouraged to apply, but
preference will be given to new applicants.
• A letter of Intent expressing your interest in this residency, what inspires your practice and how you might approach the exhibition theme. (max. 400 words)

Portfolio of work
• Include 10 images from 2 to 3 different series. If your work is time-based, please include web links for up to 3 works. NOTE: All pieces should be edited down to 3 minutes. You are encouraged to include a secondary link showcasing the entire piece.
• Images should be JPG format, approx. 8”x10”, at 72 dpi
• Include an image credit under each visual detailing the title, year, medium and scale or provide an accompanying image list.

Email the completed PDF or Dropbox link to jlong@faculty.ocadu.ca before APRIL 30th, 11:59pm (midnight). A jury will be struck to review the applications and applicants will be notified by May 5th of their acceptance.

Jennifer Long – jlong@faculty.ocadu.ca or
Robyn Cumming – robyn.cumming@ryerson.ca

$7000 Scholarship Opportunity

OCAD University is participating in the
Aimia | AGO Photography Prize Scholarship Program!
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Friday, March 24, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST
This program awards three scholarships of $7,000 each to a student entering their final year of study.

If you would like support on this application, Associate Chair Jenn Long will be sitting outside of the Photo Cage and  available to help you on Tues, March 14 from 12-1:30 pm.  

ARTISTIC CRITERIA:  The Aimia | AGO Photography Prize Scholarship Program recognizes extraordinary artistic potential in students studying toward bachelor’s degrees with a major or focus in fine art photography. For the purposes of the scholarship, “photography” can encompass any lens-based media, including video. The jury will focus on artwork that provokes a strong response and exhibits conceptual rigour, technical excellence and a dynamic engagement with contemporary photographic practice and theory.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Students will be asked to submit general information, as well as a 250-word artistic statement, summarizing their practice and offering contextual information about their portfolio. Their portfolio can include:

  • Up to 15 .jpeg images, uploaded to the scholarship website.
  • Up to 2 video works with a total running time of no more than 5 minutes, uploaded to Vimeo.
  • Full credit information for each work, including artist’s name, title, date and medium and dimensions.

The portfolio should include a focused selection of artwork produced anytime over the course of the student’s undergraduate degree.


All applicants must meet and/or agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only full-time students in their final year of study are eligible for the scholarships, and students must apply during the prior academic year.
  2. Students must be registered at OCAD U or one of the other partnering schools.
  3. All applicants must be in good academic standing at the time of application and at the time the scholarship is awarded.
  4. Students must meet all application deadlines. Late materials will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  5. Students must apply using the online submission form and upload support materials online, as instructed by the submission guidelines.
  6. Winning students must be willing to attend a special event in Toronto, scheduled by Aimia and the Art Gallery of Ontario, with a faculty member in recognition of their achievement.
  7. Artwork by all 16 finalists will be used by the AGO and Aimia on the prize website, in press communications and in promotional materials relating to the scholarship program.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jenn Long at jlong@faculty.ocadu.ca


March 15th – Instagram Call


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15TH, MIDNIGHT  is the deadline to submit your work for posting on the Photography Program’s Instagram account!  The concept for this account is to showcase the works of our students and department in an on-line portfolio.  It will act as a tool to help promote our students outside the university while also representing the strength of our program.

Call for submission:  Open to all students enrolled in the Photography Department regardless of year or stream.  Please submit works!!!  (Note: at least one image from every submission will be selected.)

What We Need:

-send us 5 images to select from

-file size 10 by 10 inches at 100 dpi

-file type .jpg

-please caption your images as follows:

Artist Name, Title of work, Year of work, Year of study, @insta username #ocadu_photo
example: Shey Lee, Untitled, 2016, 2nd year photo, @sheylee #ocadu_photo

-if your images are landscape or portrait format please adjust the canvas size & include a white border.

-Images should be colour corrected and sized appropriately.  We will not make any aesthetic decisions on your behalf.

When Do We Need It? As soon as you can send it!
(or else by midnight on March 15th)

Please send submissions to:  photoposts@ocadu.ca
Note: we do not send confirmation emails.

Feb 27th is the deadline for the Photo Career Launcher!


Call to Artist & Designers

If you hadn't seen this picture, you probably wouldn't have believed me if I told you I had a camera that could be confused with a feminine hygiene product. The Lady Carefree is a plastic camera for 126 film cartridges. It wasn't actually made by Argus, but for Argus, by Balda-Werke (Germany) around 1967.

Want to get your work documented by seasoned Directed Studio photo students who shoot everything from fashion, food, documentary to landscape and portraiture?

We would like to invite you to share with us your best work or to collaborate with us on projects so that you can get your work properly documented and we can practice our shooting skills!

Don’t want to share work? You can get some practice modelling, joining us as make up artists, stylists, graphic designers, writers, or location scouts and we can offer some in demand tutorials on Photoshop, camera basics, headshots for your fancy linkedins and documenting your work for portfolios!

if you are interested, please send an email to directedstudio@gmail.com before Feb 16, 2017 with a link to your website or 3 jpegs of your work. include how you are interested in working with us and we’ll share your message with the class.

Hopefully we can find everyone a match!

And don’t forget to like our  Facebook page!

Art Works! Call

Still of artist Kayla Polan from series pilot.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Social Impact Artists for TV Series

Online submissions now open to be featured in a new digital TV series created by Toronto-based art collective, Madeleine Co. An artist fee will be provided.

Deadline for Submissions is this TUESDAY, JANUARY 31st


Deadline January 31, 2017

We are interested in showcasing a diverse range of emerging Canadian artists working today to raise awareness around issues including but not limited to: Indigenous histories and identities, LGBTQ, feminism, sustainability/climate change, diversity, labour rights, politics, and more. While we are primarily focused on visual artists, we are also interested in showcasing other art forms including performance, dance, music, design etc.

Information and Requirements (PDF):http://bit.ly/artworkscallpdf

Applications are due January 31 at 11:59 PM as a packaged .pdf through email at info@madeleineco.com with the subject line: “ART WORKS Application | FirstName LastName”.

For questions, please email Alexandra Hong: alex@madeleineco.com.

Follow Madeleine Co. on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Madeleine Co. is a Toronto-based art collective specializing in the creation of socially innovative content. Using co-creative platforms, Madeleine Co. integrates communication strategies with the ingenuity of artists to engage with audiences in empowered and emotionally-resonant ways. Our core principles of accessibility, participation, and collaboration guide us in the development of meaningful experiences with a strong social mandate.

For more information about Madeleine Co., please visit: www.madeleineco.com

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