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Career Launcher Exhibition: Farihah Aliyah Shah

posterfinalPoster design by Antonio Giacchetti   

Congratulations to 2016 Photo Alumni and Career Launcher winner Farihah Aliyah Shah  on her upcoming exhibition at Artscape Youngplace.  Career Launcher Awards are run through OCAD U’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers, with calls for applications open to 4th year students in a variety of program areas.

Farihah Shah is a 27 year old emerging photographer and visual artist originally from Edmonton, Alberta now based out of Bradford, Ontario.  She has a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management from York University and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Integrated Media from OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario.

Farihah’s practice includes an array of conceptual, street, and studio photography, time-based film work,multi-media installations and performance based works that explore issues of racial identity, constructed and natural landscapes, personal and collective memory, and the ebb and flow of people in private and public spaces.  Her work has been displayed in galleries in Finland, Germany and Canada.

ARTSCAPE Career Launcher Award: Due Mar 18

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