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Congratulations: April Hickox

Congratulations to Professor  April Hickox
on receiving an 
Ontario Arts Council: Senior Artist Grant!


This funding will help support the continuation of April’s series ​Invasive​ Species.   Following is an excerpt from her artist statement:

“Human intervention within a natural landscape is a central theme of my work. Through photography, I begin to examines issues of site and place as linked to the constructed landscape and its various uses. This latest body of work is inspired by lifelong connection to Toronto Island and its immediate environment.  Like most urban parks, the Toronto Island Park, has been constructed over time as a stylized wilderness environment for the public. Here, as elsewhere, there has been a movement away from formal parks towards more naturalized landscapes which allow for pockets of “urban wilderness.” As the population of Toronto grows, and the waterfront becomes home to a large community of people, the Island Park is being used in different (and sometimes more intense ways). This work documents the traces and interactions of park users abandoned objects and remnants, ranging from a hammock suspended over a lagoon to Christmas trees hung from a linden tree.”



Congratulation to Assistant Professor Jennifer Long on receiving an Ontario Art Council – Visual Artist: Mid-Career Project Grant!!!

Jennifer will be producing a new body of research that deals with constructed narratives through a feminist lens.  Please see excerpt below.

For the past fifteen years, my artistic practice has explored issues of doubt, vulnerability, perceived ideals, and communication within the context of interpersonal relationships.  Working with constructed narratives and a Feminist lens I describe the emotions and quiet moments of everyday life.  Touch, gesture and gaze all play significant roles as conduits of conscious and unconscious modes of communication.  Since 2009 my artwork has concentrated on issues surrounding pregnancy and motherhood through the series Swallowing Ice (2009), Fold (2011-date), and Imminent (2012-2014).  Linking all of these works are prominent themes of identity loss, self-reflection, isolation and ambivalence.  This new imagery continues my commitment to the investigation and documentation of the lives of women, advancing my past work on mothering, the gaze, one’s sense of self, societal expectations, intimacy, and routine.



From the series This Country is Yours

Congratulation to Instructor Surendra Lawoti on receiving an Ontario Art Council – Visual Artist: Mid-Career Project Grant!!!

Surendra will be continuing his research project “This Country is Yours”.  Please see description below.

I will be using the grant to fund my on-going project ‘This Country is Yours.’ I will be traveling to Nepal in July/August to photograph for the project. The work focuses on activists of six social and political movements including women, indigenous nationalities and LGBT community during the writing of Nepal’s new constitution. The above-mentioned groups lacks tremendous representational deficit in governance, judiciary, legislature, leadership of mainstream political parties, security sectors, intelligentsia, media and bureaucracy. My work aims to provide a visual representation of the actors and the issues they champion during the crucial moment of writing Nepal’s new constitution.

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