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Apply for INTAC before June 30!


INTAC Exhibition, May 2017, Osaka University of Arts, Japan

Now Accepting Applicants from all Programs

International Collaboration Studio: Photo 3018
International Collaboration Studio II: Photo 3019
International Collaboration Studio III: Photo 4016
International Collaboration Studio IV: Photo 4017
1.0 credit Sept–April, 2017-18

Early deadline: June 30, continuing until course is full. Approvals at latest by end of July.  Apply in writing by e-mail to: psramek@ocadu.ca

Work on collaborative projects with students from universities around the globe in an informal, team-based environment with 15 OCAD U students. Work towards collaborative visual projects, online presentations, book publications and international exhibitions. Travel may be an option. Current collaborations feature students in Tampere (Finland), Seoul (S. Korea), Berlin (Germany), Osaka (Japan), Ahmedabad (India), Toluca (Mexico).

This past year’s work focused on the theme of ‘Turmoil’ which was explored in multiple ways as proposed and developed by student participants. Final works spanned the range from photography and video to drawing, sculpture, books and music performance. The year led to exhibitions in Osaka, Japan and at OCAD U.

This year’s theme will be Rituals.

Future exhibitions in various international countries are a possibility. Although not specifically built into the course, travel may be possible, as we hope to exhibit in Slovakia in November, 2017 and then another venue in May, 2018. In the past, groups have travelled to Japan, Finland, China, Slovakia, Berlin and South Korea in conjunction with INTAC exhibitions.

Visit INTACnet.ca to see a description of our process and examples of current and past students’ activities.

You can also check out one of our public Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/INTACinfo/

Questions and applications by e-mail to psramek@ocadu.ca

(L) INTAC Strategy Workshop, Osaka University of Arts (R) Group with Sacred Deer, Nara, Japan, May 2017

(L) INTAC Strategy Workshop, Osaka University of Arts (R) Group with Sacred Deer, Nara, Japan, May 2017

What is INTAC?

This hybrid studio course takes place over two semesters during which time students design and undertake collaborative projects with international partners. Directions identified by the group will vary from year to year, but address the ongoing goals of engaging global issues and communicating across cultures. The coming year’s overarching theme will be Rituals and participants will respond with project propsals in whatever way they may interpret this, although we hope that global and cross-cultural issues will be fore-fronted. Projects will be developed in a range of media, but particularly those that may be shared readily through online channels. For this reason, photographic and time-based formats are a primary focus, however past students have also worked in other media – most recently audio, sculpture, writing, quilting, jewelry, drawing, painting and performance.

There is also the possibility of engaging the course as an online moderator and helping to develop the online presence and functioning of the INTAC network, which is a growing international program.

Along with creating relationships with students in the various schools, you will propose project concepts, join a few project groups and produce collaborative artworks within each group. You will maintain online communication and build a sense of community with the OCAD participants in group crits, fundraising activities, an exhibition event and possibly publication. Guided by two Professors, Peter Sramek and TBC, you will take responsibility for cooperative leadership and initiative in these areas.


Using class meetings, video conferencing (sometimes very early in the morning) and online blogs and popular social networking tools, students will communicate and develop projects under the guidance of the instructors at each school.  Scheduling will be flexible, responsive to the needs of the activities while much of the work will be done on the students’ individual time with their project partners using various platforms: Skype, FaceBook, E-mail, Tumblr Blogs and other channels. Specific joint activities and projects will be articulated each year, based on specific partnerships and opportunities. There will be short-term objectives and deadlines over the 8 months of the course.

It is important to note that the course structure consists of a flexible meeting schedule and the class group will not meet physically every week.


• This course is open to students in years 3 and 4 from all programs – Art, Design, INVC, LAS, DigF

• There are two sets of course codes and you must register for the paired Fall and Winter sections.

• Students who have taken the 300-level courses may continue in INTAC by registering for the 400-level ones.

Acceptance to this course is limited and will be by prior written application. Of key importance will be your commitment to exploring global perspectives. You must be self-motivated and able to work well in an environment where activity is self-initiated and online communication is at the core of the process. This is a less-structured context where you will be responsible for much of your work time on your own. You should be willing to take the lead in building new relationships, sharing ideas and communicating online. Comfort and proficiency with working in online environments is a definite plus.

The Application Process Apply Now!!

Deadline for Approval by the Faculty of Art Office is mid-July, but students will be approved in June/July as applications are received, until the positions are filled. If accepted, you will be given instructions on completing the online registration process using the appropriate codes.

Please provide: Name, Student Number, Program/Major, Year Level, Number of Accumulated Credits (at least 10),

Overall Average and E-mail address you will respond to over the summer.

Write a 500 word Statement of Intent including why you are interested in, and an excellent candidate for:

• international collaboration

• team-based project development

• socially-engaged art practices

• online learning and communication environments

• photographic, time-based and/or online formats

Describe the primary media you are thinking of working in and how you would see collaborating with a group that is in different parts of the world. Describe any previous international experiences: living, travel, programs, languages, etc.

Discuss how this course experience will fit your educational goals.

Include 5–10 captioned images of recent works in your application document (PDF, Word or Pages), which you feel

illustrate your approach to artmaking.

Email your application to psramek@ocadu.ca

Note: It is highly recommended that, unless you have already received approval for this course, you first register for a full load of courses during the registration period. All applicants will not be selected for this

program. Once registered you can drop 2 studio courses. This 1.0 credit will be equivalent to 1.0 Studio Option credit in Photography or as an elective in your major program. It can be approved as a Program Studio Option outside of Photography with special permission of your Chair.

Congratulations Peter Sramek – Paris After Marville App


Congrats to Peter Sramek on launching version 2.2 of Paris After Marville  in the Apple App Store!   The new version,$3.99 CAD, solves an issue that blocked starting-up without a WiFI connection (thanks to Aquafadas’ constantly improving compiler) and a few navigation improvements that make the user interface more intuitive.

Project 31 – Thank you!


Thanks to the Project 31 organizing committee, the generous artists who donated artwork and the  eager bidders who came out on Wednesday night to support the OCAD U community!  

The Photography Program would like to extend an extra special thank you to:

Kotama Bouabane, Acacia Johnson, Hugh Martin, & Tek Yang  who are directing the auction proceeds from their work to the Photography Special Projects Fund, which supports guest lecturer visits, special workshops, events, and residency programs, enriching student experience and professional opportunities.

April Hickox is directing the auction proceeds from her work to the Living Laboratory at Artscape’s Gibraltar Point. This unique course includes a one week residency where OCAD U students collaborate to produce site-specific artworks and design solutions in the environment of the Toronto Islands.

Peter Sramek is directing the auction proceeds from his work to student travel for the Photography International Collaboration Studio; providing third & fourth year students the opportunity to collaborate with various universities around the world, creating artworks and new networks.

Paris After Marville / Paris d’après Marville

We are excited to announce OCAD U Photo Faculty, Peter Sramek has launched Paris After Marville, an interactive iPad application. The App follows his book, Piercing Time- Paris After Marville and Atet 1865-2012, which compiles Sramek’s contemporary photographs to those made by Charles Marville and Eugène Atet.




Piercing Time- Paris After Marville and Atet 1865-2012

Navigate Paris’ urban change from the 19th century-today, trough the eyes of Charles MarvilleEugène Atet, and Peter Sramek on your iPad! Search Marville or Sramek in the Apple App Store.

PT Announcement-red.pdfPeter Sramek, Photographic Art and Book Works

INTAC Exhibition: May 14


One of the many international programs offered at OCAD U is INTAC (International Arts Collaborations). This cross-cultural network brings art students from different universities together to share ideas and make collaborative projects. 10 students from this years class have recently returned from Osaka University of Arts in Japan, where they were having an exhibition of works by students in the five global schools partnered through INTAC. It is an exciting and enriching experience, as their work is exhibited internationally and they get to meet the students they have been working with online for the past 8 months.

Stay connected with their travels on the instagram

and come to the INTAC: REVOLUTION exhibition
opening in Toronto on May 14 at 7pm at The Open Gallery (49 McCaul Street).


Stay tuned for the official 2015-16 INTAC class application call, which will be due in July!

– Guest Blogger: Danya Ensing


Peter Sramek: Project 31

Spotlight on Project 31: A live auction in support of OCAD U students

Peter Sramek, The Courtyard of the Bargello, Archival pigment print, ed. 1 of 5, 2007, 18" x 44" Courtesy of the artist and Stephen Bulger Gallery Estimate: $3,350

Peter Sramek, The Courtyard of the Bargello,
Archival pigment print, ed. 1 of 5, 2007, 18″ x 44″
Courtesy of the artist and Stephen Bulger Gallery Estimate: $3,350

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Art and cutting-edge educator Peter Sramek is directing the auction proceeds from his work to international collaborations for the Photography Department, including student travel.

The Courtyard at the Bargello comes from Sramek’s Italia Panoramica series and was made during his last tenure as Florence Program Coordinator in 2007. This series captures the rich history of the Italian architecture and countryside in black and white. Sramek is Acting Dean in the Faculty of Art and has taught in the Photography program since 1976. His recent work explores photography’s ability to represent sites of cultural history and the ambience of these architectural spaces.

The live auction will happen: 

Thursday, March 26, 2015
OCAD University, Great Hall, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto
Artwork Preview: 6 p.m., Live Auction: 7:30 p.m.

Catalogue Preview

Peter Sramek Exhibition

Piercing Time Paris after Marville and Atget – 1865 –2012
by Peter Sramek


From January 7 to January 31, 2015
Opening Wednesday January, 7th – 7pm

Spadina Galerie Pierre Léon
24, Spadina Road
Free entrance

This exhibition compares different photographs of Paris from the nineteenth century to nowadays: photographs from Charles Marville, who worked under Georges Haussmann; from Eugène Atget, talented photograph from the early twentieth century; and from Peter Sramek himself. This project highlights the wealth and history of Paris’ urban planning, its continuity as much as its shortages by juxtaposing 183 contemporary “rephotographs” taken by the author with images taken by Charles Marville and by Eugène Atget.  Learn more

Peter Sramek’s exhibition will be preceded by a lecture in English at 6pm about Parisian urban design, hosted by Keith Bresnahan, teacher at OCAD University.

Alliance Francaise Toronto
24 Spadina Road
TorontoON, M5R 2S7

Bio: Currently Interim Dean of the Faculty of Art, Peter Sramek has taught photography at OCAD U since 1976 during which time he has also assumed various administrative roles including Acting Head of Photography, Acting Chair of Technological Studies, Assistant Dean and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Art. He has been Co-ordinator of the Florence Off-Campus Studies Program 3 times, most recently in the fall of 2007. He was a founding member of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography and carries on an active practice in both photography and book arts which encompasses film-based and digital processes, as well as excursions into video installation, audio and sculpture.

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