Who We Are

Jesse Colin Jackson


Jesse is OCAD University’s Sustainability Officer, and an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Design. Educated both as an architect (M.Arch., Toronto) and an engineer (B.A.Sc., Brit. Col.), Jesse has been motivated by the drive towards a sustainable world ever since he helped found the UBC Bike Co-op in the late 1990’s. Jesse award-winning graduate thesis, Fabricating Sustainable Concrete Elements, coupled the ideas of sustainability with emerging fabrication technology, and he continues to have a research profile in both areas. Jesse teaches courses relevant to this profile, such as Advanced Studio: Urban Ecology and Small Object Design. Jesse is also a frequently exhibited photographer, best known for his ongoing documentary project on Toronto’s modern-era residential towers.


MMinesh Mandoda


Minesh Mandoda is the Coordinator, IT Services & Sustainability Initiatives at OCAD University.  Minesh has a Honors degree in BSc in Biogeography and a Minor in Geology from University of Toronto.  Since joining OCAD University, Minesh has been leading/involved with a number of sustainability initiatives on campus these would include:  Green Exchange (electronic swap/waste event), Bottled Water Free Day, Earth Hour, energy reduction grants and institutionalizing the proper disposal of  electronic waste, household batteries and printer cartridges on campus.


Jacquelyn Holland


Jacquelyn is a Research Assistant at OCAD University’s Sustainability Office. She is currently a photography major in her 2nd year of a BFA. Jacquelyn is also part of the organizing committee for the Sustainable Design Awards, as well as an assistant in the OCADU First Generation Office.


Mike Lovas



Mike Lovas is the Research Coordinator at the OCAD University’s Sustainability Office. Mike has a background in engineering (B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering and M.A.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Dalhousie University) and is currently a 4th year Industrial Design student at OCAD U. Mike is the founder and director of the Sustainable Design Awards, which aims to inspire sustainable and socially-conscious design at OCAD U. Mike is also currently a member of the OCAD U Senate, involved in Biomimicry Ontario, and previously worked at sustainable.TO, a green architecture firm.


Mary Ma


Mary is a Research Assistant for OCAD University’s Sustainability Office. She is currently in her second year of the Sculpture and Installation program at OCAD U with a minor in Sustainability in Design. In addition to working for the ‘SO,’ Mary is a member of grOCAD and the organizing committee for the Sustainable Design Awards. Mary also works for the the OCAD U Student Gallery and volunteers for The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.


Taylor Stone


Taylor is a Coordinator with the OCAD University Sustainability Office. He has also worked as a Teaching Assistant for various art/design history courses in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Prior to joining the OCAD community, Taylor received his BA in Architectural Design from the University of Toronto and a Master in Environmental Studies from York University. Outside of OCAD, Taylor is a Project Manager for Evergreen CityWorks.


Nick Sweetman



Nick Sweetman is an artist currently working towards his MFA at OCAD University in the Interdisciplinary Masters of Art, Media & Design program. He got his BA from University of Toronto in Semiotics and Communication Theory, with a minor in Geography. Since November, he has been working as Communications Assistant for the OCAD Sustainability Office. He has shown in various locations throughout Toronto, most recently as part of the Elaine Fleck Gallery’s catalogue show Presents, and as part of the group show Lucky 13 at the Gladstone Hotel, and he is one of the 20 artists and designers selected to participate in the Gladstone Hotel’s upcoming event Grow-Op.

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