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Crossing Sensory Boundaries

Hearing the colour of a flute. Tasting the sharpness of a banana. Feeling the months of the year wrapped around your body. To some of us, the crossing of sensory boundaries occurs only in the realm of the imagination, guided by poets, artists and musicians. To others, the experience lies beyond metaphor: hearing triggers strong colour sensations, as aural and visual perceptions merge into a simultaneous sensory experience. Artists, writers, and musicians have long found inspiration in the crossing of the senses, but synesthesia is a perceptual condition, in which neurological and chemical processes initiate activity in the brain, expanding the boundaries of perception. From May 31-June 2, 2013, the Colour Research Society of Canada (CRSC) and OCAD University, Toronto, will co-host the 2013 conference of the American Synesthesia Association (ASA). A diverse group of researchers, practitioners and synesthetes will converge to share knowledge across disciplines, as they explore multiple facets of the synesthetic experience.

As a lead up to the ASA Conference, we will be holding a Music Visualization Workshop at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto on May 31, co-sponsored by the Faculty of Music, and featuring The Gryphon Trio, and an event for Educators at the Art Gallery of Ontario on May 27.

Free public programming around the conference  features evening events on Fri. May 31 at Walter Hall, University of Toronto (When Sound Meets Colour), and on Sat. June 1 at OCAD University (Sense Connections).