Event for Educators, at the Art Gallery of Ontario, May 27, 2013

Time: 10:00am – 12:00 noon

Location: Seminar Room 1, Weston Family Learning Centre,

The AGO's lower level concourse.

 Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West,  Toronto

Free to educators; registration required (see below)


Within the ASA Conference, special sessions on the impact of synesthesia on teaching and learning will occur. Synesthesia may occur in up to 5% of the general population, with 1-2% having ‘grapheme-colour’ synesthesia, or coloured letters and numbers. As yet, little focus has been placed on the role of synesthesia in teaching and learning environments.  How might synesthesia, seen as an ‘instructional organizer’, impact pedagogical approaches and learning materials?

The event will consist of presentations and open discussions by synesthete artists and musicians, each of whom has taken the time to attempt to work out their sensory experiences in some mediated form, to offer those experiences to us for contemplation and appreciation.


Laura Gibson, graduate student at the Visual Development Lab, McMaster University. She has sequence-space synesthesia.

Marina Pinto Miller, Ph.D is an independent artist, living and working in Toronto Canada. Her painting practice involves working from music in watercolour and other graphic media. Marina’s presentation is entitled “Inside Painting Sarasate.”

Greg Jarvis, will discuss how his awareness of his sound-vision synesthesia has influenced the music he makes leading the Flowers Of Hell, a transatlantic experimental ensemble who have been praised by Lou Reed, Rolling Stone magazine, NASA’s mission control staff, and many cult heroes.Greg is a professor at Durham College and a founder of the freshly launched Canadian Synesthesia Association.

Constatine Caravassilis is an internationally distinguished, Toronto-based composer and musician, whose music is “driven by emotion, beauty and spirituality, and inspired by the worlds of nature and literature… intimately connected to his Hellenic roots.” He has sound-colour synesthesia.  http://www.caravassilis.ca/

Kai Marshall has performed  with many ensembles  including the O’Keefe Centre Orchestra and the New Chamber Orchestra , the National Ballet Orchestra, the Kye Marshall Jazz Quartet / Duo and the Epic String Quartet . She has six CD’s to her credit including her just released ‘Pencil Blues’.is a musician and composer, and her talk is called  “The Experience of Art Through Music.”


To register: contact dgriffin@faculty.ocadu.ca, or Education_Intern@ago.net

Full event details TBA.

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