The Golden Age (Group 1)

Oct 16

Christopher Alexander’s Timeless Way of Building

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Christopher Alexander’s Timeless Way of Building chapters 10-11 are applicable to the world of design and font face creation. I took away many ideas and analogies that describe the way in which the formation of design works. Just as each building is a member of a family, it is also structurally stands apart. In typography, each letter is a member of the alphabet yet is also unique in structure. In the book, there was an analogy portraying the idea that there is an infinite amount of possibilities within building types. This was only made possible by combining already existing types to make new ones. Designers often find themselves combining different techniques and ideas to make brand new concepts. To make a new concept, idea or way of solving a design problem, designers take tid bits of others and combine them to make something new. Design has a set of rules, just as the creation of buildings requires a set of rules. Designers and builders alike are limited to materials, (and software) as well. I found it to be a very good way to look at design and typography. There are many parallels between the way buildings function, aesthetically and formally. Designers, advertisers and typographers also take into account how the aesthetic design contributes to their products meaning and attributes. These two chapters can be applied to design and advertisement in a positive way, possibly expanding my horizons in the exploration of letter forms. Specifically applied to project 3, these concepts are indeed valuable.