The Golden Age (Group 1)

Nov 14

My Brief Crystal Goblet Response

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November 14, 2011

 “Type well used is invisible as type”

Typography should be focused not on its visual and tangible aspects but rather its ability to convey meaning or ideas. This can connect with the idea of legibility against readability with legibility having a connotation that seems to suggest visual factors in type. Can it be read? Readability on the other hand represents a type’s ability to convey its message without being recognized as type.

Thinking and feeling also play a role in the development of “good” type as natural, almost seamless functionality has been the determining factor on whether a form of type was considered “good.”

One such example of the practical functionality of type wherein messages are seamlessly transmitted between minds can be found in the typography found in books. For when the reader experiences those pages, his attention is not focused on the letters on the page, but rather the ideas in which the letters and the typography convey so effectively that they blend into obscurity.