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Oct 03

I have committed myself fully, utterly and completely, not to a person, or an idea, but too a font face. Now, all I have to do is meet the parents and tie the knot with Bodoni STD. I feel like I know it so personally that there is no other option but to settle down with it…. I mean, it really listened to me. Through the constant swearing at Adobe Illustrator and through the bleeding of my eye balls from staring at a screen for an ungodly amount of time, Bodoni STD really stuck with me.


The assignment: study a font face until you understand the placement of every pixel.

The outcome: frustration.

The positive: learning terminology, styles and aspects of font faces. Later used to develop and better understand the font face that I will create in the future…. THE GREATEST FONT OF ALL! ALL OTHER FONTS WILL BOW BEFORE IT. But, until that time comes when I dominate the Font World, Bodoni STD for me, will ever be.



Sep 29

Meticulous Bodoni STD is Making Me Crazy

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