The Golden Age (Group 1)

Oct 24

Didot and Video Review

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Rada’s Letter Form “Ghay”

Didot Attributes:

Flat slab serifs without brackets

Strong ball terminals

Large variable widths of strokes

Less emphasis on serifs in lower case letters

Small x-height

Sharp shoulders

90 degree axis

Variable stem width

Oct 16

Christopher Alexander’s Timeless Way of Building

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Christopher Alexander’s Timeless Way of Building chapters 10-11 are applicable to the world of design and font face creation. I took away many ideas and analogies that describe the way in which the formation of design works. Just as each building is a member of a family, it is also structurally stands apart. In typography, each letter is a member of the alphabet yet is also unique in structure. In the book, there was an analogy portraying the idea that there is an infinite amount of possibilities within building types. This was only made possible by combining already existing types to make new ones. Designers often find themselves combining different techniques and ideas to make brand new concepts. To make a new concept, idea or way of solving a design problem, designers take tid bits of others and combine them to make something new. Design has a set of rules, just as the creation of buildings requires a set of rules. Designers and builders alike are limited to materials, (and software) as well. I found it to be a very good way to look at design and typography. There are many parallels between the way buildings function, aesthetically and formally. Designers, advertisers and typographers also take into account how the aesthetic design contributes to their products meaning and attributes. These two chapters can be applied to design and advertisement in a positive way, possibly expanding my horizons in the exploration of letter forms. Specifically applied to project 3, these concepts are indeed valuable.



Oct 03

I have committed myself fully, utterly and completely, not to a person, or an idea, but too a font face. Now, all I have to do is meet the parents and tie the knot with Bodoni STD. I feel like I know it so personally that there is no other option but to settle down with it…. I mean, it really listened to me. Through the constant swearing at Adobe Illustrator and through the bleeding of my eye balls from staring at a screen for an ungodly amount of time, Bodoni STD really stuck with me.


The assignment: study a font face until you understand the placement of every pixel.

The outcome: frustration.

The positive: learning terminology, styles and aspects of font faces. Later used to develop and better understand the font face that I will create in the future…. THE GREATEST FONT OF ALL! ALL OTHER FONTS WILL BOW BEFORE IT. But, until that time comes when I dominate the Font World, Bodoni STD for me, will ever be.



Oct 02

Epic Asterisk

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I went through our scavenger hunt letters from a couple of weeks ago and this one asterisk that didnt make it to the final caught my attention, thought it looked really cool
and i just played around with it : )

Oct 02

Hi Im Neil : )

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I apologize for the late introduction guys but until last week I’ve had no experience or knowledge on how to work these wordpress blogs so once again I apologize : (

My full name is Jathniel Micah V. Datiles and the actual spelling of my nickname is Niel and I only spell it “Neil” so that it would be easier for people to pronounce it and find me on facebook 🙂 I live in good ol’ suburban Mississauga and it takes me an hour and a half to get to school every morning which is an adventure! I’ve always been a fairly visual and creative person as far as I can remember but i have to say it probably had something to do with comic books, cartoons, and video games (they arent completely bad for you)

oh yea, and i was born and raised in Saudi Arabia : )

Favorite font so far………………… mmm i dont have one.  However i dont particularly like Comic Sans.. or Times New Roman for that matter. Not sure which one i dislike more.





Sep 29

Meticulous Bodoni STD is Making Me Crazy

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Check it before you wreck it… Parts 1-4 of Typography Project 2!

Bodoni STD Part 1

Bodoni STD Part 2

Bodoni STD Part 3

Bodoni STD Part 4




Sep 24

There are a Serious Lack of “R’s” in this City

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After last weeks assignment, A Letter Scavenger Hunt, which is exactly what it sounds like, left me with seeing letters within almost everything. Walking down the streets of Toronto I see “x’s” within fences and fences within “x’s”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing…But, it is bad when you start dreaming about letters…Which is what happened the night before the assignment was due. But, lets leave that for another day.

The real important message I got out of this assignment was not only the evident presence of letters in every conceivable metal, wood, and plastic known to man but, the importance of presentation. After setting up our letters I quickly realized that the quality of paper that I printed on was lower than that of my group members, creating a dissonance within our layout. The unison that was supposed to be created was broken and, it was all my fault. The class continued on, even after my angst and disgust at the monstrosity that I had created. Dan (our ever eager instructor) asked the class where we should start the critique. Within seconds the class, unified in decision, pointed across the room to a display of perfectly aligned rows and columns, depicting a very crisp display of letters found in various environments. “Damn”, I thought, “they are even all printed on the same paper!” With that, my  hope of being the most successful group drifted away. As the critiques went on, the first groups received some praise and more criticism and the class finally fell to look upon our alphabet. Rave reviews were had by all! Little negativity was given, and a class member even said, and I quote, “I think you nailed it.” Hoorah!

But, the group with the most unified display got the classes attention, not the group with the most unified alphabet. What if this were a gallery and our group got unnoticed? Or, if it was a job interview and our letters got cast to the side because it wasn’t presented nicely? This lead me to conclude that display and layout is everything to the general public. Considering that my main focus is, and always will be to satisfy this token question: How can I attract the most positive attention, from the most people, the fastest?- I will take proper layout and presentation more seriously in the future.

And, I guess I’ve learned another lesson…. That OCAD printers produce much better quality prints than consumer printers…Maybe I’ll start using them…If I feel like it.

Over and out,

– Jaz

Sep 19


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Hi there,

My name’s Alessandra, not Alexandra.I usually won’t correct people because I’ve gotten lazy but to make it easier most of my friends call me Ally – up to you. I am a first year student at OCADU, studying Advertising. Unfortunately I do travel a slight distance to school, I commute from Aurora, and I really REALLY would much rather live downtown.

Random fun facts about myself: I play soccer and hockey, and really enjoy watching hockey.

I have really never thought about my favourite front (I hope that’s ok to admit) but as I was searching, I found Bickham Script Pro. Looked very elegant!!

That’s all for now, talk to you 🙂

Sep 19

Call me Jaz

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I was born in the French Alps, raised by a pack of wolves after my parents decided I was too much of a hassle. Jump forward 18 years: I first attended the University of Toronto for Philosophy and after two years I decided that if I wasn’t loving it by now I probably never will. My love of drawing and videography lead me to apply to OCAD U in hopes of a fresh experience. So far it has been just that. I look forward to what will hopefully be money well spent and time well wasted. I create videos and play squash (some of you may know what that is) in my spare time… I wasn’t born in the French Alps…Or raised by wolves…That was the lie.

Today my favourite font is Raleway by Matt McInerney, but it’s subject to change at any moment!

Enjoy the extremely photoshopped picture of me, that I proudly edited myself, and nice talking to ya!