The Queer Pride Chronicles


Excerpt from Lesbians Who Wear Lipstick:The Middle Ages


Being a writer/performer I tend to work out all my shiz through my work. Which is good because regardless of being a dyke I was destined from childhood to be a very angry person. This way I can turn it all into something that hopefully will strike a chord and cause a laugh.


Do I look like a woman who will never have another relationship as long as she lives? When you look at this face do you hear the words “step the fuck off?” Is there anything about my body language that verifies your sneaking suspicion that I will never love you as much as I love my cats?

Go ahead and laugh. But neither Sid or Mick have ever woken me up in the middle of the night to tell me they were having an online affair. They don’t stay out all night and if they did they would call first. They are not alcoholics and I’ve never seen them look at any of my friends wondering what it would feel like to lie between their legs all night. My taste in cats is infinitely better than my taste in women.

Enjoy being queer and don’t let anyone tell you how you are supposed to express that fucktabulous queerness.


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