The Queer Pride Chronicles



We live in a town

with a dark underground

But we don’t share

the dark side…

Keep in line, don’t dare fall behind

But they don’t really care- you’ll be fine


Smile Wide- it makes you live longer

Take these pills, and you’ll be stronger.

The first thoughts of your child

In this world where we live wild

“Is it a boy or a girl?”


Our parents decide

(with secrets doctors confide)

Our everlasting label-

Stereotypes enabled.

We’re given a name

To wear with pride or with shame

As long as you can stand true

Dont let your name define you


Corruption within

every other syringe

Be patient, you are ours

Test group A or B

But neither’s allowed to see

Results riddled within the answers

Are these vaccines or are they cancers?


You never know

What someone else has been through

You never know until

they speak the truth


Just flesh and bones;

broken by sticks and by stones

We’re all the same when we’re dead

And we all bleed blood red.


For those lost, we will always be grieving;

Appearances can be quite deceiving.

We all share equal worth

We all belong to our Mother Earth

Keep your shoulders back, stand tall

This is as good as it will get, after all

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