Welcome to our OCAD Typography student site!

On this site, we will be addressing the historical development of typography from pre-printing press all the way to the modern era. You can browse through these posts using the links above, or by clicking on the images below.

  1450-1550    1800-1900    1900-1950

This site was created by Sabrina Elewa, Eva Pishalski, Emma Bishop, Chelsea Esguerra, Celina Kwan, Shiho Ran, Katerina Coliviras, Leen Han, Jemcah Shantz from the summer semester of VISD-2004-001 History & Evolution Typography.

Images from left to right are: Stradanus, Nova Reperta, 1580s / Otto Eckmann, Jugend, 1897 / Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, The New Bauhaus, 1937 


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