Áron Jancsó, Modern Typographic Posters, 2011.
Image by National Archives and Records Administration

Hello there.

Welcome to our typography site, humbly presented by History and Evolution Typography Summer 2018’s Group P

Within our webpage you will find our two main pages- Industrialization and Mass Print Culture and Modernist Typography, both hopefully packed with fascinating bits and pieces of information introducing you to all sorts of typographical developments and how they came to be.

All posts are originally written by our group members, sharing and contextualizing our personal findings and fascinations in the world of typography. How does a certain typeface or design style manifest itself into the world? What kinds of historical happenings whether directly or indirectly influenced our mainstream visual culture? Potential answers to such questions can be found here, and so much more.

Finally, it must be noted that this is really, only, barely, not even! just the tip of the iceberg in the grand history of type and are merely our own thoughts. We sincerely hope that our webpage may invoke all sorts of questions and ideas to launch your own interest and discovery into the history of typography ☺

Closeup of Graffiti Typography by candicehart
Candicehart, Closeup of Graffiti Typography.


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