Industrialization in the 19th century brought great changes. The standardization of units and the intense rationalization of labor deeply influenced everyone in the commercial world. Different with the medieval age, capitalist mode of production and the enclosure movement drove peasant farmers to migrate to large cities and work for the factory owners. New technology and the manufacturing industry changed visual communication no matter in the way of printing or designing. The typography in the industrial period conveys rich information about how people at that time viewed the world, how the new culture emerged to satisfy the entertainment demand of factory workers, and how technology allowed the information transmitted in a fast and effective way.



Visual communication influenced by the Industrialization Revolution played an important role in the history of typography. Technology such as letterpress printing in 1871 was widely utilized in the printing industry. New technology was introduced into the print production deftly, in order to make posters and product design colorful, unusual and distinguished. Considering the large amounts of standardized products were manufactured continuously, business owners and typography designers desired to distinguish themselves in the competition. This eagerness of drawing the attention of the public and the fierce competition in the market inspired brilliant design and creation. Comprehension about this period will help people to trace the origin of the modern advertising design and have a better understanding about historical typography.

This website was designed to give an immersive experience to visitors about the history of typography in the industrial period. We tried to illustrate the importance of this period and the aesthetics of typography by showing vital events and the examples of the visual arts. The development of the website follows the principle that visual art work was shaped by the historical background of the society. Science, technology, politics and economy changed the way people perceived the world and their understanding about themselves.  This website provides a journey to review the thoughts and preferences of designers and consumers who live at an age with numerous breakthroughs and inspiration in all the fields.